Will Barribal

Senior Partner,
Strategy, Leadership & Innovation

Technical Skills
  • Organisational transformation

  • Business development

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Team development

  • Proposition & product management

  • Innovation

  • Technology

  • Travel

  • Healthcare

Will Barribal

Will Barribal is a highly entrepreneurial business consultant with over 25 years’ experience in high-growth start-ups, international corporates and fast turn-around businesses.

As well as leading our central sales and marketing practice, Will works across all practice areas and industry sectors on leadership, performance and change initiatives. He has laser-focus on talent optimisation, executive assessment and workplace transformation.

He combines a ‘hands-on ‘approach with strategic thinking to rapidly solve the ‘human challenges’ that prevent change from ‘taking hold and sticking’. Will can assemble the right team, sell your vision, nurture talent and motivate. Leading executives to excel in highly complex and challenging environments. Delivering measurable improvements in business performance.

Will sees everything through a ‘business lens’, bringing passion, humour and fresh ideas to resolve immediate and long-term organisational challenges. He is highly focussed on value creation, leadership authenticity and sustainability.

Key achievements include:

  • Founding Europe’s first cloud-based video interviewing platform in 2005

  • Organisational design for leading financial services division of national postal service

  • Salesforce transformation for largest mobile operator in Europe

  • Post-merger integration of the executive team in the largest online betting company

  • Turnaround strategy and implementation for leading business simulation

  • Multiple pre-investment due diligence assessments for international private equity and venture capital firms

Here is a short summary of the things Will can help you with:

  • Defining ‘What Good Looks Like’ for your future business needs

  • Organisational design strategy for the digital workplace

  • Virtual workforce dynamics, leadership and development

  • Talent acquisition strategy, systems and processes

  • Accelerated onboarding and talent development for rapid results

  • Value creation through talent and development

  • Business simulation,  design and facilitation

  • Strategy, technology and change adoption

  • Executive assessment, behavioural profiling and leadership development for agile environments

  • Team coaching and mentoring for increased performance

Some of Will’s clients & experience:

Will provided a detailed diagnostic assessment of the executive team during the Due Diligence phase. With this insight we restructured the team and have selected the best non-executive chairman and CFO to facilitate their success.

Partner, Private Equity

The sales team just weren’t able to perform as well in a more complex mobile data market. The focus on strategic sales skills transformed them and uncovered talent we just didn’t know we had.

VP HR, global mobile operator

Will delivered a highly tailored simulation experience that significantly reduced ‘time to productivity’ for new hires across our business. He simplified the complex and provided direct, professional advice, quickly and cost-effectively.

Head of Strategy, international retail bank