In a world of digital disruption, we are your trusted partner.

We have all the expertise, methods and networks to help you take advantage and deliver tangible business benefits.

We bring three essential elements together for your ongoing success

Underpinned by successful proven methodologies

Underpinning our end-to-end service range is our tried and tested approaches for success in today’s digital world. Created from our extensive experience, they provide clear frameworks to reduce risk, increase the pace, and drive better outcomes.

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Supported by an extensive network

We have excellent business networks and partners. Allowing us to rapidly open doors, while putting you in contact with the right expertise. Reducing uncertainty and accelerating growth.

Enabled via our tribe culture

We don’t operate in silos, and our team are experts in multiple disciplines. Allowing us to consider complex digital issues from all the right angles, while working across organisation structures to align you with your customers. Our culture is collaborative, pragmatic, and flexible, bringing you the best results.

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Solving your short and long-term talent needs.

Having been operational leaders ourselves, we know fast access to great talent is key.  Even more so, as you develop digitally.  Helping solve issues quickly, enabling transformation and driving your competitiveness.  We can rapidly help; either from the DWG team or via our network.  On a flexible interim or consultancy basis, we can fill your gaps, helping you hire for the long-term, and then training and handing over elegantly.

“Clear direction on the changes needed in our digital capability
and the core business model.”
Brent Escott CEO, CPP Plc CASE STUDY
“Digital Works designed implementable solutions
and managed virtual teams to deliver on time and to budget.”
Global Product Director, eBay CASE STUDY
“Created a strategic vision and a new business unit within
Ooredoo. Managed a very complex, cross-business
initiative in rapid timescales.”
Marketing Director, Ooredoo CASE STUDY
mars snickers bar DWG did a superb job planning and facilitating an engaging
innovative workshop designed to help deliver highly relevant
branded communications to our SNICKERS consumers at
the right time & place leveraging new media.
Senior Brand Manager, Mars mars logo

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