Wayne Burden

PPC & SEO Expert

Technical Skills
  • Digital marketing

  • Customer acquisition

  • SEO

  • PPC

  • Conversion rate optimisation

  • Analytics insight

  • Ecommerce

  • Technology

  • Travel

Wayne Burden

Wayne Burden is a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant with an outstanding track record. His impressive portfolio of digital projects includes launching over 24 successful websites, creating and delivering impactful marketing strategies and driving optimisation that has boosted business performance, innovation and growth.

For the last 12 years, Wayne has supported diverse organisations such as Marks & Spencer’s, Weight Watchers, Quintessentially, Flash Pack Travel, SThree Group, Cornerstone on Demand, Frame and many more. Leading projects of varying size and complexity, end-to-end with budgets as high as £5million, managed across multiple teams.

Whether a fast-moving start-up, scale-up or a mature global organisation, Wayne champions online innovation, developing tailored digital marketing strategies that support unique strategic goals and objectives.

With a ‘digital first’ and ‘conversion rate optimisation’ mind-set, Wayne is results-focused. He creates measurable marketing plans that challenge status quo behaviours – driving technological change and pushing innovation – to achieve market standout as part of integrated user experiences.

Key achievements include:

  • Directed digital transformation for a £1bn FTSE global recruitment firm and launched 14 new websites, across 10 brands. Development of innovative strategy, roadmap, process and objectives as main component of corporate restructuring. Supporting attainment of over 100,000 leads (culminating in £15M annual revenues) through CRO, UX and website functionality implementation

  • Working with one the world’s largest health brands, created and delivered a robust SEO strategy and CRO programme which supported attainment of 59,000 sales, a 20% increase YoY and an increase in website traffic by 130%

  • Developed highly tailored user ad experiences for a leading travel brand, with direct impact on search performance; uplift in brand awareness by 37%, an uplift in impressions and a 12% rise in CTR. Conversions and revenue saw increases of 40% and 62% respectively over the same period

Here is a short summary of the things Wayne can help you with:

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Digital performance/optimisation

  • Digital transformation

  • Advanced web analytics

  • SEO & PPC & paid social & display

  • Online advertising & performance

  • CRM & email marketing

  • Campaign innovation

  • CRO, UX & UI

  • Customer journey development

  • Team management

  • Ecommerce & dev roadmaps

  • Project management

  • Social media/management


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wayne twice across two different brands and Wayne never disappoints. Always bringing fresh thinking to often complex business challenges, Wayne’s grasp of inbound activity coupled with a CRO mindset has delivered some great outputs. He is the perfect blend of strategic understanding, operational consideration and actionable enhancements.

Dan Brooksbank, Head Of Digital at GBG Plc

Wayne has genius digital skills, experience of application in a wide sector landscape; and a proven track record in delivering results…what more can I say, other than make sure you find some time for him…

Mark Bainbridge, Co-Founder at DragonflAI

Some of Wayne’s clients & experience: