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Your Needs

Time and return are critical measures in determining whether an acquisition is a success or not. Requiring:

  • A strategic plan laser-focused on growing the multiple and financial performance of the business fast.

  • Clarity on the priority areas of the business that need to change. In the business model, go-to-market, customer experience, operations and supply chains, technology, organisation and digital maturity areas.

  • Control on the monetary injection needed to transform the organisation. Aligned to predicted ROI needs.

  • An execution approach using proven blueprints in each area of change. Ensuring value is built and the transformation goes to plan.

  • Construction of successful ‘change capabilities’ into the organisation to make the transformation smooth, fast and with less risk.

  • Run by seasoned expertise able to bring all these elements together for success. Possessing leading knowledge of valuation, change and digital.

All factors required to deliver valuation growth in today’s complex business environment. Just tightening the financial levers now underplays the opportunity and the need.

Our Valuation Growth Service

Our service is aimed at Private Equity and Investment firms who require proven expertise to help maximise the multiple and performance of their new acquisitions at speed. This is a proven step-by-step approach for successful valuation growth for today’s environment:


Initial Programme Plan


Company Insight


Value Growth Strategy & Plan


Scenario Investment Modelling


Integrated Delivery & Governance


Measured, Iterated & Controlled

Delivered by a market-leading partner, who’s team is made up of highly experienced business transformation experts, all possessing a major in digital. With deep strategic and executional skills in given business models, domains and sectors. Able to work to an integrated programme approach, which is supported with proven blue-prints for given business areas and needs. Working iteratively with clients and operating to market-led value and pricing.

Our sweet spot is businesses between £50mn- £750mn turnover, in financial services, retail, telecoms, utilities and technology sectors.


With new PE owners, the Allfunds management team were tasked with growing multiple and financial return at pace. A core part result of the strategic planning was the creation of a new ‘subscription management proposition’ to develop a secondary revenue model, forecasted to contribute 20% EBIT growth over two years and grow multiple by 7 points. DWG helped lead the strategic development, investment planning, integrated delivery roadmap and MVP market-test phase of the transformation plan.

Other transformation examples for PE owners include:

Valuation Growth in more depth

1. Initial Programme Plan

  • A top-level programme plan to govern all stages of the transformation – planning, execution, and iteration – ensuring timescales are fully controlled and the transformation occurs at speed.
  • Instigation of top-level governance structure to speed insights and decision making.

2. Company Insight

  • Utilisation of due-diligence materials and other insight sources to prioritise where additional reviews, audits and analysis need to be conducted.
  • Build-out of a strategic ‘fact-base’ across core business functions to determine their contribution or impact to the business value-drivers.
  • Additional insights show the company’s capabilities to undertake change.

3a.Value Growth Strategy & Plan

  • Development of the integrated transformational vision and strategy – with a laser focus objective to build multiple and performance at pace.
  • Using the business value-driver analysis, appropriate blue-prints are selected in go-to-market, operations and supply chains, technology, organisational factors and digital maturity.
  • Investigation of new innovations and developments made to boost multiple.

3b. Scenario Investment Modelling

  • Creation of an investment and scenario model to add the strategic development process. Able to generate scenarios to help inform on ROI, risks, and the timeline of benefit to the business model.
  • Which helps solidify the vision, strategy and transformational delivery plan.

4. Integrated Delivery & Governance

  • Rapid programme organisation is then enacted to deliver and support the transformational plan; while ensuring the business builds capability strength to ensure change is smoother and faster. Ensuring the business can optimally operate once the major change stages are complete.
  • Governance is restructed to focus on adaptively controlling the quality, customer experience, budget control, and timeline of the actual delivery stage.

5. Measured, Iterated & Controlled

  • For all stages and streams critical success KPIs are put in place, measured and feedback loops placed into the delivery phases of the programme.
  • Baking adaptability into the overall plan and individual delivery streams.

The Benefits

Value Growth Focused

Our transformation approach creates target return at speed,  by being laser-focused on ‘multiple’ and ‘financial performance’ growth. Never losing sight of those objectives during delivery.


Combining our strategic approach, with proven ‘blue-prints’ for each area, while ensuring business change capabilities are strengthened, guarantees a smoother and faster transformation.


Is baked into the overall approach through the definition, use and measurement against critical success factors. While the ongoing governance structure ensures delivery transparency and flexibility.

Deep Expertise

DWG is a market-leading business transformation firm. With in-team skills across multiple domains, business models, sectors, territories and cultural complexities. All boasting a ’major’ in digital.

Proven Experience

Our team are not career consultants, but people boasting at least 15 years of senior, real-world experience in solving paint-points and delivering real business value.

Competition-leading Value

Our expertise and experience is combined with our innovative business model, to allows clients to benefit from highly skilled people at highly competitive rates.

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