“…DWG enabled a rapid maturity of our digital capabilities in product, insight, marketing and organisation..”

Sales & Marketing Director, Travelodge

Digital Maturity & Acceleration

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As the UK’s leading hotel group for value, Travelodge is an outstanding business success story, with a revenue growth of almost one thousand percent since 2012.  Critical to this success, has been the importance of its digital marketing channels which deliver over 70% of all bookings.

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Their challenge

While the existing digital experience and team had enabled this growth, in mid-2015 the senior team realised that action was quickly needed to transform and mature Travelodge’s digital set-up and capabilities, given an increasingly sophisticated ‘digital customer’ and significant competitor investment in digital.

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Our approach

With rapid change required, DWG built and executed a clear five step digital maturity plan:

  • Restructuring the digital team and enabling rapid talent growth suitable to Travelodge’s needs and investment strength
  • Laying out a clear transformational digital roadmap for 2016 and beyond, focused on customer facing assets
  • Enhancing the breadth and performance of Travelodge’s digital marketing approaches, through all parts of the acquisition and retention cycle
  • Developing and maturing the digital analytics and insight function
  • Working with other adjacent teams to mature internal working practices, including the move from ‘waterfall’ to hybrid/agile
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Within five months, DWG successfully delivered on all aspects of the plan, providing clarity and foundations next stage success.

For example, delivering a hiring approach that grew the commercial digital team from eight to nineteen, including new skills in digital product management.

DWG continues to support Travelodge and we are delighted to be part of the next chapter in this extraordinary business success story.


DWG have helped us strengthen our foundations for ongoing success in 2016 and beyond.”

Sales & Marketing Director, Travelodge

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