Transforming Go-to-Market and Trading

For all businesses – especially B2B – current trading conditions and uncertainty means reaching new customers and growing sales is hard. Creating compelling direct-to-customer digital solutions and adopting a marketing-led approach is a must.

Our solution

At DWG we are experts in helping you sell effectively in today’s conditions. Using our proven transformational ‘blueprint’, we switch you to a ‘marketing-led’ approach with best-practice digital methods, underpinned by a commercial operating model and technical platform that gives agility and responsiveness. So you can adapt to these challenges, and meet these needs:


  • Restricted movement is impacting ‘traditional’ sales teams
  • It’s hard to develop new business, which impacts revenues
  • While disruptive and agile competitors are quickly creating engaging digital solutions to recover
  • To complement the core team, ensure more control in the commercial acquisition and retention process, and reduce costs


  • New Go-To-Market capabilities that reach new customers and grow sales
  • Reduced costs via organisational and business process efficiencies
  • A more effective commercial function, benefiting ROI and helping your organisation to become more adaptive and react faster
  • Greater insight capabilities for better decisions and to improve customer experience

Josh Whiten
Partner, Marketing Transformation

josh whiten

How we solve this

Strengthen Digital Marketing

To reach ‘remote’ customers and help retain existing clients. Growing awareness and leads.

Develop online

Content, web and mobile assets for compelling direct trading, with enhanced customer experience. To aid conversion, grow sales and revenue.

Change Your Technology & Data Platforms

To enable automation, improved relevancy+personalisation, insight, flexibility, ROI and reactivity. For lower cost sale and enhanced strategic flexibility.

Enable Organisational

To ensure core skills are ‘inhouse’ to build GTM cohesion, maximum ROI, and ability to quickly measure and iterate. Delivering more control.

Product & Pricing

To produce compelling propositions, pricing approaches and offers. Enhancing conversion, margins and ROI.

Improved Creation

Between commercial functions and technical delivery. Cross-functional working and ‘Agility’ grows, speeding delivery and reactivity.

Enhance Your
Marketing Insight

In skills, knowledge, compliance, processes and capabilities across the organisation. Fuelling enhanced decision making, better customer and ROI.

Rationalise GTM Partners

To complement the core team, ensure more control in the commercial acquisition and retention process, and reduce costs. Maximising value & ROI.

We deliver using 3 Core Principals:

  • We only do what it needed. It’s modular and adaptive to your organisation. Using the proven blueprint.
  • We achieve benefits fast. Delivering each module in a ‘planned agile manner’.
  • We help control and de-risk using this broad 5 step process:
all funds

“The DWG team was instrumental in developing a rapid transformation plan for the business, designing the strategy, closing critical gaps, and delivering monetisation opportunities which had a direct impact on the EBIT and the valuation multiple.”


“DWG enabled a rapid maturity of our digital capabilities in product, insight, marketing and organisation.”

“I needed DWG to manage the UX team as interim lead, to mentor members of the team, to evangelise UX/UI, work with the Product Leads, other department heads and stakeholders, interview candidates and ensure we were always up-to-date and moving forward…”

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