Getting the right systems architecture in place is essential whatever technology you are planning to employ. It is the platform upon which everything else hinges. The first piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Get it right and the rest of the pieces will fit seamlessly in. Get it wrong and you could be looking at spiralling costs and implementation lead-times!

Businesses are often encumbered with legacy deployments, adding to the overall complexity. Any changes need to allow for growth and adaptation.

As experienced solutions architects, we have developed the benefit of hindsight, having evolved and implemented systems architecture strategies for a wide range of businesses – big, small, old, new, across a variety of industries, by applying proven methodologies which really work.

Follow our 5 steps for success:

  1. Understand what you need, not what you want

Business Analysis: Analyse existing & required capability. Understand the required functionality and the capability of existing systems to support the functionality in part or in full.

  1. Take a step back and see what can be achieved with what you already have

Systems Analysis: Conduct gap analysis. Look at how the gaps can be filled by system enhancement, by changes to processes and by introducing tactical personnal steps or interfaces.

  1. Pragmatism is key!

Integration: Integration is a challenge within a mix of bespoke and COTS packages, and it’s necessary to take a pragmatic approach, making use of what is available, rather than striving for elegance which is not cost-effective.

  1. Flexibility provides the solution for today and tomorrow

Innovation: The architecture should be flexible – continued change is a requirement not an option. The whole of the architecture is greater than the sum of the parts.

  1. Implementation is more than just systems…

Programme and Change management: A change in architecture requires careful management, both in financial and management discipline, but also on both users and customers and/or suppliers.

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[/one_half_last] The DWC technology team enable success by understanding your current and future business needs and the technical environment inside out. Our people, experience and methods mean we are perfectly positioned to help bring creativity and innovation through transforming the technology approaches within your business. We use a proven, comprehensive, systematic, flexible system architecture approach, precisely suitable to your need, objective and environment.


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