How fortunate have we been!

For the last four months we’ve been doing a great project with Kalixa Payments Group, a leading European Payments Business. Licensed by the FSA and members of both Visa and MasterCard, they have been partnering with clients such as and Lomography for years. And while you’ve probably never hear of them that will soon change…

We have been helping them working out their five year growth strategy, to turn their investment in class leading end-to-end payment assets (acceptance, payment processing, issuing, and acquiring) into rapid growth and capital value. It’s been hard work, but really satisfying delivering a bought into strategy with a great team, sharpening our approach, and helping us build on our knowledge and expertise in this sector.

And it’s opened our eyes even further in this space – to the rise and rise of emerging payments. In the next 5 years emerging payments will grow to a multi-trillion dollar activity, with a CAGR of excess of 25%. Within that, mobile commerce will have a CAGR of 101% (think firework rocket). This will be experienced across the globe, with general dominance in Asia Pac, but interestingly not in prepaid. It’s this variance which makes it all the more fascinating.

As someone said to me the other day (who was not an expert in this space), “should I put all my money in this area” – and it’s not a bad bet!

– Sid

Andrew Salmon