One of my favourite digital businesses is LinkedIn. I first became a member in 2003 (I think) while working at Freeserve and was a convert/advocate almost immediately. I loved what the business was offering, how it worked and the possibilities it provided. I remember talking to a few smart recruiters/head hunters and telling them this was one to look out for, but was universally met with blank stares. Probably the way I explained it back then!

Numerous years on, this is now one of the de facto tools for recruitment and has shaken up that industry.  But today, LinkedIn is so much more than a talent search and sales lead tool, it is also a powerful business publishing platform. Indeed our own business takes advantage of this (please do follow-us if you have interest in what we say).

But I have to say there seems to be a growing issue. And one I didn’t think I would ever level at LinkedIn. Increasingly some of the content I see is just not relevant to me and I now see it as junk. This is affecting my customer experience. The issue is because I have numerous contacts, who happily publish stuff which may be relevant to them but is not for me, and my news feed becomes increasingly clogged up. Ergo, I miss the really interesting stuff. So for me, there is now a lot of ‘noise’ and it’s beginning to put me off. And I am not alone. I have seen many putting messages out to the content generators (you, me, anyone – as a large part of LinkedIn’s content is user generated) to stop putting certain topics out. But the issue is not with the content generators. The issue lies with LinkedIn.

They have taken their eye off the relevancy need and it’s up to the platform to help sort this out. They should stop the assumption that all content from my contacts is good content and allow me to fundamentally adjust what comes onto my feed, or even better, let it learn from me as I educate it and then adapt automatically. This would be very smart. Personalise and make it relevant for me. Then I will be even happier and will continue to be the massive fan and advocate I have always been.

Dear Mr LinkedIn, you are no longer just a social media network, so please also learn the publishing lesson – relevancy!

Andrew Salmon

A true digital veteran with over 20 years’ experience working in the UK and international digital markets. He has a proven track record as a successful business consultant and senior executive in strategic planning, development and execution.
Andrew Salmon