The Current Challenges Facing HR

The Challenges Facing HR


In this video, produced by Annapurna Recruitment for their HR Transformation Network, Jeff Wellstead – Digital People expert – discusses the impact of industry 4.0, or the 4th Industrial Revolution, in relation to digital transformation and the meteoric rise of a new breed of innovative tech businesses who are disrupting almost every sector.

In part 1 Jeff begins to explore how these changes are challenging and changing the focus of HR.

There is now an onus on the HR team to evolve away from some of the more traditional HR activities, which are focussed on transactional, administrative throughput, and begin to engage on providing critical strategic and proactive role that sits at the heart of the organisation.

Jeff briefly introduces what the HR ‘Team of the Future’ will look like. This includes outsourcing and the automation of tasks, which allows for the team to embrace things like:

  • Organisational engineering/modelling
  • Retool businesses
  • Help foster product innovation
  • Migration of thinking – collaboration/open source/sharing
  • Cultural understanding and shaping
  • Agile working


You can view the video here:



The HR Transformation Network will shortly be releasing part 2 of this video, where Jeff goes into more detail on the types of tools he see the HR teams of the future using in order to make a significant difference, as well as the strategic outcomes of using such tools.


Need help shaping the people, process and technology of your HR function?


Jeff Wellstead is our partner leading the Digital People Practice, part of our team who help businesses embrace digital disruption and the challenges and opportunities associated.

As a Digital People expert, Jeff looks at:

  • New ways of working
  • Organisational design
  • New skill-sets required by businesses these days
  • Innovative tools for HR to embrace and engage with, such as workforce analytics

Jeff helps organisations become future ready, bringing a 25 year proven track record as a talent and innovation accelerator for both mature businesses and companies in the emerging, fast growth high-tech sector.

Strategy & Leadership – Digital People

Call +44 7921 888558

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