We Help Telecoms Businesses Innovate and Thrive

So you can adapt in the face of a rapidly digitising world and increasing disruptive competition.

Challenges you may be facing

  • Falling physical footfall negatively impacts sales.

  • Disruptive ‘digital’ competition makes it harder to differentiate and erodes margin.

  • Building loyalty is hard. Consumers want rich, personalised mobile experiences and are intolerant of poor quality and performance.

  • Customer service, delivered via traditional human-intensive methods, is impacting customer experience and is high-cost
  • Demand for traditional services is decreasing.

  • Greater regulatory scrutiny and the risk of data breaches.

Benefits we can bring

  • Revenue growth through enhanced digital experiences, extended distribution and customer loyalty
  • Stronger customer experience during acquisition, usage and customer service
  • Accelerated innovation
  • Reduced costs via organisational and business process efficiencies
  • Enhanced pace and flexibility in delivery


  • Optimising go-to-market strategies to expand and grow revenues
  • Enabling customer channel shift into more efficient and profitable digital channels for acquisition, retention and customer service
  • Assisting in the creation of new monetisable propositions and innovations
  • Driving better usability of existing digital capability and assets for greater levels of customer engagement and loyalty
  • Improving customer service experience and lowering costs via messaging automation
  • Speeding up your innovation via our Innovation-as-a-Service solutions
  • Enhancing your technical environment and operations to reduce costs and improve data security
  • Rationalising and digitising complex back-office processes
  • Optimising creation, prioritisation and delivery approaches to become more agile and lean

Clients we have helped

World Vision strategy development
liberty global

“Through DWG’s architecture vision, leadership and industry expertise, we were able to standardize the way of working for specific products and started to focus on a customer-led journey instead of individual product-led journeys.”

ooredoo sign

“…Created a strategic vision and a new business unit within Ooredoo. Managed a very complex, cross business initiative in rapid timescales…”

virgin media
virgin media

“With a burning need, we required a fast solution. DWG helped us with flexible, experienced, expertise. Great results.”

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We have a team with deep experience of helping telecoms businesses. With end-to-end expertise across strategy, commercial, product, project, technology and marketing.

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