The Four Horsemen of the Cyber Apocalypse

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I describe the four main cyber security vulnerabilities as the 'Four Horsemen of the Cyber Apocalypse'. I believe it helps organisations to understand it's not just about IT. Cyber crime culture In response to [...]

The Case For Change: The Case For Transformation

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If you're not convinced yet that there is a case for change and case for digital transformation, then read on. Acceleration in digital A favourite quote is, "The world will never be this slow again". [...]

Is AI creating ignorance?

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Sign Up! For proven digital transformation advice and resources – blogs, interviews, webinars, guides and more. subscribe AI systems are gaining ubiquity in certain parts of [...]

How the CFO can lead digital transformation to increase business agility

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Sign Up! For proven digital transformation advice and resources – blogs, interviews, webinars, guides and more. subscribe In 2019 enterprises invested $1.3 trillion in digital transformation [...]

A brief history of enterprise architecture: lessons we can learn and apply

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Let’s face it. Systems architecture can a dry subject! But as a technical and business architect who’s been at this a long time, I have witnessed the evolution of enterprise architecture. Good and bad. As [...]

The future of retail part 2: the importance of becoming an omnichannel retailer

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In a three-part series our retail and customer experience expert Jonathan Hilton discusses the ‘future of retail’. He offers insight into the current challenges retailers face, along with proven advice on how retailers can future-proof [...]

Retail Transformation: The perfect storm?

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In this blog, I am going to share my insights on retail transformation, taken from a recent presentation I gave on behalf of RetailWeek. Retail is an area I am passionate about. It is a [...]

Expert Interview: A long-Term Technical and Data Architecture Plan to Bring Your Digital Transformation to Life

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Becoming a digitally optimised business is not easy.  And if you are a CIO or IT executive, there is even more pressure and imperative to ‘deliver’ when it comes to your digital transformation. With [...]

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Demystifying Digital Transformation: Expert advice on what it is and how to take action for better business outcomes

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Responding to digital disruption is vital to business survival. The world we live in is digital. More than half of the population now owns a smartphone, and almost two thirds a mobile. Your customers want [...]

How to create a clear vision and strategy for your digital transformation

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In this blog, we are going to share proven insights on a major critical success factor required for successful digital transformation – creating your clear vision and strategy, objectives and targets. Your vision and strategy [...]

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