Making the HR department relevant to the CEO with analytics

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The HR department is poised to be a force of change. A real transformational management consultancy, and a winning centre of excellence to support organisational revolution from the 20th to the 21st century [...]

Video: New breed of HR analytics tools provide big opportunities

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In this video, produced by Annapurna Recruitment for their HR Transformation Network, Jeff Wellstead - Digital People expert - looks at the types of HR analytics tools the HR teams of the [...]

7 Digital Imperatives That Should be Driving HR Now

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The world is rapidly changing in the wake of digital disruption. Accelerated adoption of new technologies combined with an increasing digitally enabled and connected society will have huge impact on organisations and the people who [...]

The new employee: the shifting attitudes and culture in organisations

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  Employees are changing...Radically.   Starting during the boom back in 1996 to 2002, and most recently in the last three years as the latest tech revolution has taken hold, a genuine resurgence of [...]

The impact of digital disruption on people, culture and organisations

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  Jeff Wellstead has recently joined Digital Works Consulting to lead our ‘Digital People’ practice. As a global expert in all aspects of talent, management, leadership and process life cycle phases, Jeff is helping organisations [...]

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