Are you caught in the Digital Skills Gap?

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Is your business caught in the Digital Skills Gap? If not, it might be soon! Businesses of all shapes and sizes will be affected by a digital skills shortage. Hard to believe, but according to [...]

The Case For Change: The Case For Transformation

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One of my favourite quotes is, "The world will never be this slow again". It is clear to everybody that business challenges are accelerating. Countless industries were experiencing massive disruption before the pandemic struck. You [...]

How the CFO can lead digital transformation to increase business agility

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Sign Up! For proven digital transformation advice and resources – blogs, interviews, webinars, guides and more. subscribe In 2019 enterprises invested $1.3 trillion in digital transformation [...]

Anthropocentric Leadership to Succeed in the 21st Century

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The world keeps changing at a faster pace than ever before, and I remain puzzled why leadership style has hardly changed the last few centuries? To be blunt: we live in the 21st Century, using [...]

How to create outstanding customer experiences post Covid-19

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Transitioning from a physical to a full digital shopping experience in B2C: How to create outstanding customer experiences post Covid-19 The pandemic crisis, with its lockdowns, social distancing and customers reluctant to go back to [...]

Leaders, make it personal!

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The number of articles, round tables and webinars on how to lead people working from home (WFH) has exploded since the outbreak. Playbooks with Do’s and Don’ts. Great tips and hints on tools to use [...]

A brief history of enterprise architecture: lessons we can learn and apply

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Let’s face it. Systems architecture can a dry subject! But as a technical and business architect who’s been at this a long time, I have witnessed the evolution of enterprise architecture. Good and bad. As [...]

How to Improve Organic Search Rankings

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The struggle to stay in organic search results and make your website visible is becoming more of a challenge. SEO continues to grow in significance as search engines become more discerning. So, what do you [...]

The future of retail Part 3: digital transformation in retail

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In a three-part series our retail and customer experience expert Jonathan Hilton discusses the ‘future of retail’, offering insight into the current challenges retailers’ face, along with some proven advice on how they can [...]

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