5 things to focus on for transformation success

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What should you focus on in your digital change or transformation programmes? What's most important for transformation success? In this video, Andrew Salmon outlines: 5 things to focus on for transformation success Insights [...]

The 3 Cs to boost an organisation’s metabolism for constant transformation

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Sign Up! For proven digital transformation advice and resources – blogs, interviews, webinars, guides and more. subscribe In an ever-changing world, organisations need to become faster, [...]

Digital business education: do you or your team need some digital advice?

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Many companies agree on a priority to use digital to maintain relevance and survive in exceptionally tough commercial conditions. But the question they are then left with is – how and where do we [...]

Ownership of digital and creating the right organisational environment for change

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In our last blog, we explored how to create a clear vision and strategy for your digital transformation. However, once your vision is in place, who will champion it and bring to life for everyone in [...]

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