7 strategies to develop trust in AI

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No trust, no business. We all know that if your customers don’t trust you, then they won’t do business with you, unless of course they have no other choice. Now throw AI and automation [...]

Consumer Duty: How to implement fair value

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The Consumer Duty regulation is designed to ensure that firms act in the best interests of their customers and provide products and services that offer fair value. But how do you implement fair value [...]

Consumer Duty – have you underestimated the work to comply?

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The FCA want you to take Consumer Duty seriously and have already made it clear that some firms have underestimated the work required to comply. Implementation plan reviews In January, the FCA published a [...]

5 benefits of a Voice of the Customer programme

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You may have heard of Voice of the Customer (VoC) but not fully understand what it is? Here's a quick explainer and five key benefits you'll get from running a Voice of the [...]

4 ways to revisit your customer centricity

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The world is divided into two camps; those that set New Year's resolutions and those that firmly avoid them! For me, New Year's resolution setting is a way to take a bit of time [...]

The Case For Change: The Case For Transformation

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If you're not convinced yet that there is a case for change and case for digital transformation, then read on. Acceleration in digital A favourite quote is, "The world will never be this slow again". [...]

3 BIG ways you can improve your customer service experience

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Almost all the work that I have undertaken in customer service has started with the simple problem statement ‘Our customer experience is not where we want it to be’. This is normally followed [...]

Anthropocentric Leadership to Succeed in the 21st Century

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The world keeps changing at a faster pace than ever before, and I remain puzzled why leadership style has hardly changed the last few centuries? To be blunt: we live in the 21st Century, using [...]

How to create outstanding customer experiences post Covid-19

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Transitioning from a physical to a full digital shopping experience in B2C: How to create outstanding customer experiences post Covid-19 The pandemic crisis, with its lockdowns, social distancing and customers reluctant to go back to [...]

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