Expert Interview: A long-Term Technical and Data Architecture Plan to Bring Your Digital Transformation to Life

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Becoming a digitally optimised business is not easy.  And if you are a CIO or IT executive, there is even more pressure and imperative to ‘deliver’ when it comes to your digital transformation. With [...]

Insights from NVIDIA GPU conference: AI, autonomous vehicles, VR and more…

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NVIDIA is one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of computer graphics cards. Since their invention of the GPU in 1999 not only have they revolutionised modern computer graphics but their disruptive and hugely powerful GPU [...]

Video: New breed of HR analytics tools provide big opportunities

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In this video, produced by Annapurna Recruitment for their HR Transformation Network, Jeff Wellstead - Digital People expert - looks at the types of HR analytics tools the HR teams of the [...]

7 Digital Imperatives That Should be Driving HR Now

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The world is rapidly changing in the wake of digital disruption. Accelerated adoption of new technologies combined with an increasing digitally enabled and connected society will have huge impact on organisations and the people who [...]

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