The development of new digital solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning continues to explode in 2017.

In particular, new technology based on speech recognition is opening up some exciting applications.

Recently Digital Works have had the pleasure of supporting an innovative speech intelligence analytics startup, now gathering commercial momentum –  gweek.

Indeed, recognition of their growing success came for them last week when they won the Cognition X Artificial Intelligence Awards, Best Innovation in Natural Language Processing, 2017

The CognitionX AI awards celebrate the best and most innovative contributors to the fields of AI, Data Science and Machine Learning, recognising innovation, commercial traction and success across over 20 sectors.

Gweek wins speech performance analytics award at CognitionX AI awards

A little more on gweek

Gweek is a mobile application designed to improve communication and presentation skills, based on machine learning to analyse and quantify how effectively people communicate.

Speech Intelligence Analytics™ within gweek can track and map the degree to which a speaker get their message across while remaining both efficient in speech and authentic in person, no matter the circumstances.

It is designed for candidate screening, learning and talent development, through iOS/Android and SaaS environments.

They are able to identify the world’s communicators using behavioural and data science as well as objective benchmarks.

The startup is currently based in Hong Kong and has already won key customers in the region among secondary schools and banks – proving that the methodology and algorithm are as valid for teenagers as for senior managers in the financial industry.

DWG and gweek

We have been able to offer a flexible business development support to gweek to help enter the UK market and reach out to new industry sectors.

As part of our Business Acceleration practice, we have also worked to help gweek raise funds to support product development and operations for gweek’s growth and commercial success.

If you are interested in finding out how gweek could help your organisation improve its communication and presentation skills, we would be happy to provide you with a more detailed overview.

If you are looking for business acceleration support with your start-up, or scale-up business, please do get in touch, as we would love to hear your story and help.

Elise KorolevPartner, Digital Works Group