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“We reduced the number of inbound calls to our service centres by 11% as record numbers of customers interacted with us via our service app, through our automated voice service or via the set-top box. At the same time, we closed the year with our customer satisfaction scores at all-time highs. This was reflected in the latest Ofcom survey which showed Sky leading the market on customer satisfaction, with the fewest complaints across our product set.”

Sky’s Annual Report 2015

Many organisations have an urgent need to inject self-service and digital channels into their customer service experience due to restricted capacity – caused by Covid 19 – impacting CSR volumes and service levels. Executed effectively, there is the opportunity to help reduce churn, regrow customer satisfaction (NPS) and reduce costs.

Sky has successfully achieved customer growth, providing services to over 40% of the UK’s homes. However, more customers mean more service calls and the increasing complexity of the product resulted in increasing call volumes – driving operational costs.

Although effective at operating customer service at scale, the customer’s path to raising a service issue had become more complex in an Omni world. The end to end customer experience at Sky had also become fragmented and disjointed over time. Some contact channels such as email and web chat were not as efficient as they could be in resolving customer problems or delivering on customer satisfaction.

Sky recognised one of the biggest shifts in customer behaviour was the ability to self-serve when they have a problem or needed help, and this interaction would be primarily via mobile devices.

As the connected home becomes more established and customers face an ever-greater choice of products and providers, an opportunity existed for service delivery to become an important differentiator.

Sky needed a holistic approach to developing a market-leading customer service that focused on digital.

DWG built and executed a five-step customer service transformation plan:

  1. Executing a ‘digital first’ service strategy. This enabled the business to take a strategic approach to how they addressed customer service. The strategy included contact strategy, capability development, content augmentation and communications. Sky was then able to channel shift as well as create efficiencies in how they serve the customer.
  2. New product development. Launching the Sky Service Mobile App empowered customers to self serve more effectively.
  3. Delivering improvements to the website and augmenting content. Including improving website structure, search and content, enabling customers to find the answers they need and self serve more readily.
  4. Developing efficiencies in contact. The contact strategy optimised how customers contacted customer services determining which channels are most efficient and have the optimal customer satisfaction ratings.
  5. Communications. We developed communication and messaging plans across the customer lifecycle. Simplifying and joining up the customer experience ensuring that digital service is the first port of call.

Our engagement delivered a customer service strategy focusing on digital first which was cascaded throughout the organisation.

  • We delivered the Sky Service App, a new innovative product to help customers resolve their issues, channel shifting customers from voice to self-service.

  • We rebuilt web search and re-structured Help content on Sky’s website removing friction to self serve.

  • We restructured the customer communications throughout the customer lifecycle reducing contacts from inefficient communications.

  • We executed a marketing campaign across a broad range of media types promoting self-service and digital engagement.

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