We support businesses in highly competitive consumer or B2B environments

Helping our clients across a number of sectors and geographies to use digital for reach, revenue, cost and competitive benefits.

Sectors we help

Financial Service & Fintech

Retail & Ecommerce

Charity & Not-For-Profit


Media & Publishing

Other Sectors

Financial Services & Fintech

If you are a bank, insurer, assurer or financial technology business we can help you meet whatever business challenges you may be facing by:

  • Helping to create the right practical plan for successful transformation or turnaround as required.

  • Injecting strong programme management expertise to manage your change.

  • Implementing innovation approaches to help you develop game-changing propositions. Using AI, Blockchain, Robo-advisor and other enablers.

  • Enhancing your existing digital assets or leading new product development.

  • Planning and delivering integrated technology, data and security solutions. Such as Regtech and other solutions.

  • Digitizing your operational processes for cost and efficiency benefits.

  • Optimising your online marketing and internationalisation approaches for growth.

Giving you

  • Competitive advantage via new innovations and solutions.

  • Clarity, certainty and explicit routes to successful ‘digitally-led’ change.

  • Growth through effective market transformation, skills and new markets.

  • Cost-efficiencies via process rationalisation and digitisation.

  • A falling risk profile, through data security enhancements and more.


“clear direction on the changes needed in our digital capability and the core business model…”

Brent Escott, CEO, CPP PLC

Retail & Ecommerce

Whether you are multi-channel retailer or a digital pure-play, we can help you solve your digital needs fast:

  • Building effective multi-channel strategies and next generation innovation.

  • Improving your e-commerce end-to-end customer experience and performance.

  • Enhancing your creation processes to become agile and fast-paced.

  • Optimising your technical, payment and data platforms for insight and security.

  • Creating effective digitally-led marketing approaches to enhance your trading performance.

  • Maturing your digital organisation, with critical hard to find expertise.

Giving you

  • Revenue growth via effective acquisition, conversion, upsell, retention and advocacy cycles.

  • Cost efficiencies, flexibility and speed.

  • The right business model, driven by data insights and product innovation.

  • Mature, integrated and high-performance digital teams.

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“DWG enabled a rapid maturity of our digital capabilities in product, insight, marketing and organisation.”

Sales & Marketing Director, Travelodge

Charity & Not-For-Profit

We help charities and not-for-profit organisations adapt to a digital-first world:

  • Develop clarity on the role and importance of digital – fundraising, lobbying, and advocacy.

  • Build a unified digital vision and strategy – with measurable objectives and outcomes.

  • Help to review your end-to-end supporter experience.

  • Improve operational efficiencies through digital.

  • Help to develop the right digital skills within your organisation.

  • Review and select the right strategic digital partners.

  • Build prioritised road-map for change, and best ROI.

Giving you

  • The right digital projects for highest strategic impact.

  • Grow donations via effective acquisition, conversion, upsell, retention and advocacy cycles.

  • Cost efficiencies, flexibility and speed.

  • Improved end-to-end supporter experience for increased impact, efficiency and sustainability.

  • Better digital skills across teams.


“DWG re-energised us and gave us the structure and confidence we were missing. We are now building on the momentum they have created and forging ahead with digital change across the organisation.”

CEO of Christian Aid (Loretta Minghella)


We help telecoms businesses innovate and thrive using digital via:

  • Assisting the creation of new monetisable propositions and innovations.

  • Driving better usability of existing digital assets for greater levels of customer engagement and loyalty.

  • Optimising go-to-market strategies to expand and grow revenues.

  • Enhancing your technical environment and operations to reduce costs and improve data security.

  • Rationalising and digitising complex back-office processes.

  • Optimising creation, prioritisation and delivery approaches to become more agile and lean.

Giving you

  • Revenue growth through enhanced digital experiences, extended distribution and customer loyalty.

  • Reduced costs via organisational and business process efficiencies.

  • Advantage via new innovations and growing digital skills.

  • Enhanced pace and flexibility in delivery.

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“DWG created a strategic vision and a new business unit within Ooredoo. Managed a very complex, cross-business initiative in rapid timescales.”

Managing Director, Ooredoo

Media & Publishing

We help Media and Publishing businesses to adapt to the demands of today’s digitally savvy customers by:

  • Developing your vision, goals and strategy to accelerate your digital maturity.

  • Helping to create new innovations and enhancements to grow commercial performance.

  • Optimising existing products and offerings to become more personalised and relevant.

  • Enhancing digital marketing approaches in social to grow awareness and interaction.

  • Enabling the right creation, prioritisation and delivery approaches to become more agile and lean.

  • Providing you with access to proven and cost-effective digital talent. In change and execution.

Giving you

  • Growing audience and revenues through optimised multi-device experiences and innovation.

  • Better, faster and more flexible delivery. Meeting the expectations of your customers or allowing you to take quick advantage of competitive opportunities.

  • Reduced costs via platform and business process efficiencies.

  • A multi-skilled team able to operate multi-channel approaches with a major in digital.


“With a burning need, we required a fast solution. DWG helped us with flexible, experienced, expertise. Great results.”

Head of Sales, Virgin Media

Other Sectors

We have plenty of experience of helping in other sectors too – including FMCG, Utilities, travel & leisure, technology vendors and agencies.

  • Develop your vision, goals and strategy to accelerate your digital maturity
  • Enhance usability, monetisation, and customer experience of existing digital assets
  • Complete propositions for greater levels of customer engagement and loyalty
  • Optimise go-to-market strategies to expand and grow revenues
  • Enhance your technical environment and operations to reduce costs and improve data security
  • Give you access to the right digital talent

Giving you

  • Revenue growth – through personalised digital experiences, enhanced monetisation and extended distribution

  • Reduced costs – through platform, organisation, and business process efficiencies

  • Gain advantage with the right digital talent, retained by the right environments

  • Enhanced pace and flexibility in delivery

  • Proven methodologies and approaches

  • Effective go-to-market strategy and implementation


“Now we know how our digital assets truly rate and what we need to do across the business to be competitive in this core area.”

Director, Digital & Media, CPW

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