If you are in a highly competitive consumer market, a technology platform vendor needing to grow or an agency with digital or multi-channel ambitions, we can help


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Whatever your digital challenge, we are here to help

Financial Services

If you are a bank, insurer, assurer or mortgage broker, we can help you advance in digital at pace

  • Assess your digital effectiveness to build practical strategies for successful transformation
  • Enhance your digital assets and lead product innovations in mobile payment solutions
  • Consolidate disparate business processes into customer-centric, automated, multi-channel experiences
  • Optimise your online marketing and internationalisation approaches for growth
  • Deliver the right integrated platform solutions in fintech, e-commerce, martech, HR analytics and data
  • Ensure you have the right digital expertise quickly to help dissipate disruption

Giving you…

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“clear direction on the changes needed in our digital capability and the core business model…”

Brent Escott, CEO, CPP PLC


Whether you are multi-channel retailer or a digital pure-play, we can help you solve your digital needs fast

  • Building effective multi-channel strategies and next generation innovation
  • Improving your e-commerce end-to-end customer experience and performance
  • Enhancing your creation processes to become agile and fast-paced
  • Optimising your technical, payment and data platforms for insight and security
  • Creating ‘trading performance effective’ multi-channel marketing approaches
  • Maturing your digital organisation, with critical hard to find expertise

Giving you…

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“DWG enabled a rapid maturity of our digital capabilities in product, insight, marketing and organisation.”

Sales & Marketing Director, Travelodge



Whether you manufacture food, drink, electronics or other products, we can help you optimise your digital activities

  • Developing the right approach for multi-channel digital transformation and innovation
  • Enhance your digital assets to produce superb customer and channel experience
  • Support you and your agencies to develop the proper creation processes to accelerate production
  • Help you inject the right martech platforms to generate re-use, automation, and speed
  • Create great in-and-outbound marketing, driven to influence at every stage of the buying cycle
  • Give you access to class-leading digital expertise

Giving you…

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“Now we know how our digital assets truly rate and what we need to do across the business to be competitive in this core area.”

Director, Digital & Media, CPW


TMT & Other

Whether you are in telecoms, media, technology or another high-tech service, we can help you embrace digital for better business outcomes

  • Develop your vision, goals and strategy to accelerate your digital maturity
  • Enhance usability, monetisation, and customer experience of existing digital assets
  • Complete propositions for greater levels of customer engagement and loyalty
  • Optimise go-to-market strategies to expand and grow revenues
  • Enhance your technical environment and operations to reduce costs and improve data security
  • Give you access to the right digital talent

Giving you…

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“With just a top-level project brief, DWG identified and prioritised the right problems to solve for, designed implementable solutions and managed virtual teams to deliver on time and to budget.”

Global Product Director, eBay


Platform Providers

Whether you are in fintech, martech or e-commerce our expertise can help drive your success

  • Helping you shape your company-wide business strategy to meet growth or exit objectives
  • Developing your proposition so it is client-facing, needs-based, clear and relevant.
  • Ensuring your technical and data environment is enterprise-level, secure, and future-proofed
  • Injecting the right governance processes to help select and control innovation at pace
  • Enhancing your go-to-market approaches in sales and marketing for new sector or territory success
  • The right resources and skills, as you need them

Giving you…

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“Clear expertise in strategy development and knowledge of the emerging payments.”

CEO, Kalixa Payments Group

digital agency

Digital Agencies

As a digital agency providing expertise solutions, you are focused on acquiring, growing and retaining client business.

We can help you respond to increasing competition and expertise transparency, which is making this hard.

  • Shaping your strategy to remain critical to your client’s success. Allowing you to stay competitive
  • Developing your proposition so it is unique, clear and relevant. Helping conversion and sales
  • Enhancing your go-to-market approaches or solve limitations in critical skills. Enhancing top line revenue
  • Growing expertise to widen capabilities and improve competitiveness
  • Injecting the right governance processes to help control and rapidly deliver any transformation
  • Augmenting your team with hard to find skills, when you need them
  • Our skills and networks are here to help right now

Giving you…

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“Our marketing technology platform is mission critical in offering our clients integrated multi-channel solutions. DWG’s expertise helped us shape our offering for even greater success.”

Marketing Operations Director, Communisis

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