Sean Griffin

Product Expert

Technical Skills
  • Product Development
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Roadmapping

  • Digital Strategy

  • Innovation

  • Scrum
  • Proposition & Project Management

  • Media

  • Publishing
  • Ecommerce
Sean Griffin

Sean Griffin is a digital leader with 20+ years of experience in product development and innovation, much of that time spent in leadership positions at some of the UK’s best-known businesses.

He has developed markets, delivered products and disrupted at scale for companies such as Dow Jones, PA Media, News UK, the BBC, Which? and JPI Media.

Culturally Sean is equally at home within a corporate environment as he is within start-ups and scale-ups. He believes these three phases in a company’s development should have much more in common.

Regarding product ideology, Sean would describe himself as customer-focused, and data-led, with a bias for action. He believes established businesses should continually disrupt themselves to unlock dormant potential.

Sean considers himself ‘a generalist with particular specialisms’, and whether it is the development of an innovation hub, creating award-winning new product lines or redesigns, he is committed to helping his clients achieve world-class product outcomes.

Key achievements include:

  • Built and managed product teams and implemented design systems and product development processes at multiple major media organisations.
  • Led digital transformation and change management in analogue-to-digital environments.
  • An intrapreneur who has set up and run successful innovation hubs at large corporates.
  • Founded an app-first vertical SaaS platform for casting Film and HETV now the No1 remote auditions platform in the UK integrated with Equity UK and Talent System.

  • Launched major VOD play for UK media company which included the broadcast of Premier League football highlights and live stream broadcasts.
  • Several high profile, full life-cycle, relaunches of multi-platform national brands.
  • Conceived and launched a blog-driven entertainment platform that became a Top 5 brand for one of the largest publishers in the UK.

Sean can help you with:

  • Product strategy and transformation.

  • Increasing business value through product innovation and development.

  • Setting KPIs, driving performance and data-led measurement.

  • Building/leading high-performing cross-functional product teams, setting product ethos.
  • Managing internal/external product ecosystem and developing strategic partnerships.

Some of Sean’s clients & experience: