Does demographic targeting really work?

Advertising is frequently targeted based on demographics like age and gender. But how much are you losing from inaccurate targeting and a broad-brush approach?

Ask yourself:

  • Are you happy with your current marketing mix?

  • Are you satisfied with your ROI on digital media?

  • Do you currently use programmatic platforms?

The challenge

Companies are using programmatic advertising to target their potential consumers. This approach is the equivalent of a black box – with the providers determining whether the target audiences have been met, and to what extent (and often with little regard to consumer privacy).

  • According to Statista in the US, more than 90 percent of respondents were receiving marketing messages that were irrelevant to them.

  • 44 percent of survey participants said they were willing to switch to brands that did personalisation better.

  • Gartner survey shows brands risk losing 38 percent of customers because of poor marketing personalisation efforts.

The solution – Safe Media™

In contextual targeting your ads are placed in context – where the on-page content is relevant and a match for your content keywords and categories. How much ROI could you generate from contextual-based targeting?

Digital Works Group and data experts Global Data Bank have joined forces to bring you a powerful solution which translates your desired target segment into a behavioural/contextual target. Global brands use the Compliant platform to monitor, measure and benchmark privacy compliance across their digital media supply chain.

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Clients already reaping the benefits of contextual-based targeting

FMCG brand shows uplifts on all marketing KPIs & 95% on-target delivery

Market leading FMCG company markets many $ billion brands worldwide and began a media and commercial transformation in late 2020

Safe media case study: FMCG
  • The client had an objective to deliver better conversion (data-driven), and greater return on investment for its Digital Media budget.

  • And higher Marketing KPIs of its video Advertising (main KPIs viewability and completion rate on a given targeted segment of the audience).

  • Another vital goal was to help drastically reduce the dependence on Google Youtube video inventory without a decrease in quality or an increase in costs.

Global Data Bank designed and executed a three-pillar digital plan:

  • Clear and realistic digital strategy to create alternative digital video inventory that met demanding reach & frequency requirements.

  • Qualitative media plan with the KPIs in terms of completion and viewability rates higher than the IAB MRCs’ standard for Video inventory.

  • Cost-effective with an aggressive goal to deliver +95% on target with 70% viewability and 75% completion rates at cost parity vs. YAG.

Global Data Bank’s Safe Media™ over-delivered against all KPIs for the 90-day pilot with 2 brands.
The client therefore requested expanding our approach across 23+ brands and has been live for 10 months with the following results month over month:

  • 95% on target delivery (all brands)

  • 85% viewability rate (vs. 70% target)

  • 82% completion rate (vs. 75% target)

  • 10% lower CPV (vs. YAG target)

Scalable model for a viable alternative to video Advertising on Google Youtube. The Media supply is Data Privacy compliant and meets all the above KPIs.

Targeted advertising sees a 32% uplift in new customer acquisition.

Reaching your audience with responsible media and exceeding results big time is every marketer’s dream.
Here’s one example:

Compliant™ airline case study image

To reach this airline’s audience with two display ad campaigns in September 2021, both with high viewability targets of 70%, but using contextual advertising versus third party cookies. This would ensure more responsible and ethical ad targeting.

  • The media supply was curated with contextual segmentation and brand safety that removed bots and fraud.

  • This ensured user privacy and brand responsibility in both campaigns.

  • It also provided more quality of inventory and audience.

  • Viewability results for both campaigns reached 87% and 85%, both surpassing the established target.

  • These results exceeded any viewability results the advertiser had ever experienced at that price point – R$7.50 versus typically R$10, equivalent to USD$1.35 and USD$1.80 respectively.