Richard Embrey

Digital Advertising Expert

Technical Skills
  • Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising

  • Digital Supply Chain Management

  • Web Design & Functionality

  • E-Commerce

  • Digital Product, Vendor Selection & Procurement

  • Business Case Development

  • Value-led Agile Project & Product Leadership

  • Digital Transformation

  • Supply Chain

  • Media

  • Advertising

  • E-Commerce & Retail

Richard Embrey

Richard is a hands-on project leader who offers a strong balance between commercial, operational and technical capabilities.

With 25+ years of working experience in Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Richard has been Sales Manager of Freeserve, founded his own Ad Network and consulting business. He has engaged in multiple successful digital consulting projects, where he led teams to outstanding performance levels.

He has deep Digital Advertising industry knowledge, having worked for and with media owners, ad agencies and marketing departments. Consulting on solutions from idea and design through to implementation and results.

Richard helps clients keep pace with the digital revolution in all industries and markets and is able to innovate with speed, while balancing the technical requirements and support.

Key achievements include:

  • Led the development of a new Supply Chain Management process for several clients. Restructured their tech stack which resulted in average savings on campaign spend of 35%

  • Shown several clients how they can bring their media buying process in-house for increased visibility and control

  • Redesigned and transformed the website of a Financial News site, which increased Advertising opportunities and revenue

  • Advised on the Digital Advertising strategy for numerous clients, including a major broadsheet newspaper

  • Launched a media buying platform and workflow system for Ad Tech company

  • Advised 3 US Media companies on their entry into the UK market

Here is a summary of the things Richard can help you with:

  • Quickly develop and optimise your Digital Media buying requirements and optimising your Supply Chain Management

  • Initiate direct media owner relationships and buying agreements

  • Create, develop and launch in-house media buying and campaign management

  • Deliver data driven bespoke media campaigns with 100% client control and visibility

  • Carry out a Digital Advertising Audit to highlight areas to save marketing spend and increase campaign results