If you are multi-channel retailer or a digital pure-play we can help

Whether customer-experience improvements, optimising your online trading, injecting digital channels to gain new sales, sorting out your technology, or something else.

Meet our retail and ecommerce team

Our team combine to provide end-to-end experience across strategy, sales and marketing, trading optimisation, product creation, project delivery and technology. Helping you with these challenges:

  • Falling physical footfall due to restrictions negatively impacts sales.

  • Disruptive ‘digital’ competition is eroding margin.

  • Changing behaviour in customers require new omni-channel experiences.

  • Growing customer expectations mean building loyalty is hard.

  • Social-media publication means experiences must be great all the time.

  • Complexities in regulation and supply chains require integrated technology solutions.

  • Pace of change and uncertainty is brutal.

Jonathan Hilton
damon harding
jason coppin
Paul Postance
Marco Potesta
Liam Carroll
Suzie Leckie
Raj Chhokar
John Akinmade
Kai Motta
kate durcan
Mark Folbigg
david ball

Some of our clients

How we can help you and benefits

  • Build a compelling vision to help guide your turnaround or transformation needs.

  • Map-out an omni-channel experience to delight your customers.

  • Create and optimise your digital trading capabilities to re-grow sales.

  • Inject effective and ROI-friendly digital marketing to accelerate revenues.

  • Improve customer-service, loyalty and advocacy.

  • Optimising your technical and data environments so you can be the disruptor.

  • Enhancing your organisation to increase agile and your ability to react.

  • Enhanced acquisition through new digital channels.

  • Conversion growth via optimised digital trading.

  • Stronger retention via compelling end-to-end customer experiences.

  • Better margin through insight and analysis.

  • Cost control via technology innovation and delivery control.

  • Disruption protection via new innovation solutions and partnerships.

  • A future-proof organisation with agility and reactivity.


“…DWG enabled a rapid maturity of our digital capabilities in product, insight, marketing and organisation…”

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“…With just a top-level project brief, DWG identified and prioritised the right problems to solve…”

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