Rafael Bloom

Partner, Strategy, Leadership & Innovation

Technical Skills
  • AI

  • Digital Transformation
  • Strategy to Implementation
  • Sales and Marketing Development
  • Business Growth
  • Operational Design
  • Customer Experience Development

  • Executive Leadership Executive and Board Experience
  • Financial Services

  • Health & Pharma

  • Not For Profit

  • Media

  • Telecoms

  • Automotive

Arif Jafferji

Rafael is a Partner in our Strategy, Leadership & Innovation practice, helping our clients with the challenges, risks and opportunities presented by AI, Data and Automation.

Rafael started in Financial Markets with Bloomberg, where he led the data analytics and global data departments. When regulatory reporting of trade and communications data became a requirement, he became an expert in long-term data archiving, metadata, storage and e-discovery. He has a track record of being able to see and anticipate long-term tech and data trends and set up his Information Governance practice to help firms cope with the demands of rapid change in tech, data and regulations.

Tenacious and results-driven, he is used to delivering complex solutions in multinational, multicultural, and multi-discipline environments. He helps clients to reimagine IT functions and teams; restructuring and breaking down silos to create stronger connections with the rest of the organisation. He has experience in both private and regulated environments.

Key achievements include:

  • Founded Salvatore, a niche consultancy supporting organisations undergoing change due to data regulations, privacy requirements and technology transformation.

  • Creating robust information and data governance frameworks for organisations across multiple sectors including financial services, legal, healthcare, public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

  • Creating distinctive value propositions for tech / data products and services including Long-Term Data Archiving, MiFID II Comms Data Compliance,High-Performance Encrypted Data Storage, Mobile Location Data Analytics, a tokenised Fund PaaS, and more.

  • Strategic engagements on Artificial Intelligence from Impact Assessments to strategic Account sales enablement for a global tech hardware firm.

Highlights of Rafael’s experience and specialisations include:

  • Long-term strategic analysis and advisory services for data, tech & AI

  • Digital transformation – helping organisations to get change right

  • Value Proposition & Strategy – articulating clear, compelling benefits

  • Programme and Project Management and Delivery

  • Senior stakeholder management in large international organisations thanks to excellent communications and language skills

Rafael can help you with:

  • Design your data strategy and information governance programme

  • Understand and uncover the risks and opportunities created by new tech, data & AI products and services

  • Develop a strategy for organisational change, including the vital communications strategy and execution pieces

  • Support your key data process owners to adapt to the new regulated data environment