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Project Life Cycle Management

Our Service

To consistently deliver success in a growing business means having a reliable, repeatable method of selecting, setting up, implementing and handing over the projects that deliver new products and services to its customers. At some point the old, informal ways of doing things won’t work any more.

Whether the client already has a project life cycle that needs reviewing/refreshing, or is starting with the proverbial blank piece of paper, the project management specialists at Digital Works Group can provide an end-to-end project process audit and improvement service, highly tailored to what will bring most value to the individual business.

We do this by working hand-in-hand with our clients every step of the way, delivered via a proven systematic framework:

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Our Typical Client

Our Project Life Cycle service is for any business looking to improve the way it delivers new products and services. It is particularly effective in clients experiencing a period of growth.

We have seen specific success in e-commerce, financial services, online gaming, telecommunications and internet service providers.

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“An excellent solution to our needs. On time, cost-effective, with full buy-in.”

Chief Operating Officer, Seatwave

Our Proven Methodology Framework


Through a combination of interview, observation, sample project auditing and benchmarking, we ascertain the project maturity level of the organisation – covering project governance/strategy as well as project delivery – and provide tailored recommendations for improvement.


Based on industry best practice and internal engagement we define a robust and repeatable project life cycle framework, with clear roles and responsibilities, to meet the needs of the particular client.


Taking the project life cycle off the whiteboard and into reality: we support the client in communicating the results to all users and stakeholders, and provide training, tools, techniques and templates that deliver results quickly.


Effectively embedding the improved practices into the organisation, we identify and coach the user champions who will take ownership going forward, and propose a method of evolving the project life cycle into the future.

This framework is flexibly structured to allow clients to select the breadth and depth of the insight required, to meet their budget and needs.

The Benefits

  • Focus: Allowing client resources to concentrate on ongoing delivery, engaging as required but without undue distraction
  • Clarity: Clear roles and responsibilities from the exec level for decision-making through to project team members for delivery
  • Proven: Established real-world practices, honed over years of experience
  • Tailored: All improvements are robustly challenged to ensure that they deliver value for the client in question, not blindly delivered as an off-the-shelf solution
  • Repeatable: Equipping the client with the means to repeat its project successes and avoid unnecessary project failures
  • Great Value: Our expertise and flexible pricing provides great value and a mutually beneficial partnership

Practice Leadership

Andrew Salmon
Andrew SalmonSenior Partner, Optimisation & Delivery
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