Project Audit and Turnaround

Our team can help you navigate change and deal with the challenges to deliver projects on-time, on-budget and on-brief. New or stepping in to fix half-finished projects.

project audit and turnaround

Our Project Audit and Turnaround Solution

It is an unfortunate but unavoidable fact of business life that not all projects succeed. The trick is to catch it before it’s too late so that you don’t have to write off all that time, money and management effort spent.

Often the warning signs are there; you just have to be able to see them – and in the vast majority of cases, a so-called ‘failing’ project can be turned around to deliver benefits to the business.

The project management experts at Digital Works Group will identify the pressure points in your project and help you make the changes needed to get it back on track.

We do this by working hand-in-hand with our clients every step of the way, delivered via a proven systematic framework.

1. Audit
2. Plan
3. Action
4. Lessons

Our Proven Project Audit and Turnaround Methodology Framework

1. Audit

Through a combination of interview, data analysis and observation, we profile the project against industry-standard criteria to ascertain the root causes of the current situation.

2. Plan

Based on audit findings and business objectives, we provide detailed recommendations on how to continue the project with a proposed Turnaround Plan – with both ‘quick wins’ and a sustained improvement plan to completion.

3. Action

This can take many forms, from training, coaching and mentoring project teams to directly taking over the project management and/or project sponsorship on a transitional or to-completion basis – the client’s needs will entirely drive the solution.

4. Lessons

To effectively embed the lessons learned back into the organisation, we focus on the underlying issues that led to the failing project. You should only need the Project Audit & Turnaround service once!

The benefits


A true, honest and transparent view of root causes, unhindered by any internal bias.


Gain the benefit of our accumulated years of experience of projects we’ve managed and worked on – successful and otherwise.


Working with project team members and stakeholders to ensure that turnaround measures are embedded in the business.


Asking the right questions to quickly get actions in place to stabilise the project.


Root cause analysis and recommendations for change will lay the foundations for continuous improvement.

Great Value

Our expertise and flexible pricing provides great value and a mutually beneficial partnership.

Our Typical Client

Our Project Audit and Turnaround service is for any client with a project that’s failing to deliver to its objectives – whether budget, timescales, quality standards or a combination of all three.

We have seen specific success in ecommerce, financial services, charity and not-for-profit, telecoms, utilities, B2B, automotive and many more.

anglian water

“DWG supported us with a complex programme of BI projects. Helping us make an informed decision on best BI solution based on clear ROI”

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“The DWG team worked magic to swiftly get to the heart of the project and successfully deploy our CRM system.”

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