The Product & Technology practice at Digital Works Consulting has just been boosted with the addition of Lawrence De’Ath, who joins us as Senior Partner to head up the practice.

About Lawrence

Lawrence brings with him over 20 years’ product and service development expertise, combined with successful team and programme leadership – having led teams to deliver innovative and successful business and technology solutions along the full development life-cycle.

Both a highly accomplished programme manager and director with broad experience of working across consumer, industrial and government industries, IT & digital sectors, from start-up to corporate, Lawrence is known for pinpointing hidden opportunities to improve innovation and delivery performance, then engaging a wide range of stakeholders to bring solutions to life and to market.

Lawrence is also a Chartered engineer with a track record that includes developing both patented and award winning products.

Lawrence delivers both ‘new to world products’ and new competitive products to support growing and changing businesses, using a combination of robust strategic planning, programme and engineering discipline, team development, managed risk reduction and process improvement.

Helping you develop world-class products and services

Lawrence, and the growing Product & Technology team, bring together the core elements needed for businesses to develop world-class products and services, then make them an on-going growth success – strong teams, clear product vision, the right technology, effective and timely execution, and a true ‘product culture’.

By aligning these elements, Lawrence helps teams to bridge the gap between the ‘tech’ and ‘business’, which is often a factor preventing businesses from making the most of their product and technology investments.

“I am looking forward to working with DWC clients to develop good ideas and help turn them into great products. DWC is an ideal independent partner for organisations to make the right product choices then work closely with them every step of the journey through technology, development and launch. This can make the difference between failure and a storming success.” Lawrence De’Ath

Product & Technology at Digital Works Consulting

Our Product & technology team are both experienced and hands-on. They help clients bring technology, product and process together. The team works across the whole value chain; from aligning vision and mission to effective strategy, ideation and monetisation, technology selection and rationalisation, through to product and project management and delivery.

We are working with a wide range of clients, start-up to established, small to big, across sectors such as telecoms & mobile, financial services & fintech, e-commerce & retail, entertainment & media, martech, and others. Helping them optimise, innovate and succeed in digital.

Get in touch with Lawrence to talk about your Product & Technology ideas

Lawrence, and any of the Product & Development team would be delighted to have a chat to find out what your particular challenges are, and see how we can potentially help your business.

For more information contact
Lawrence De’Ath on +44 7837 283393,
email him by clicking here