Experience Cost Reduction Via Process Improvement and Automation

Our operational Process Improvement and Automation solution can help you quickly reduce your cost-to-serve and operational risk in key areas. Helping you to grow profitability.

The Solution

We help businesses to create competitive advantage through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation programmes.  We combine the right insight and strategy with the best-in-class technology, implementation and programme control. Reducing cost, improving quality, ensuring compliance and enabling innovation. Making it highly effective in industries such as utilities, legal, public sector and financial services.

Damon Harding, Partner
Process Improvement Expert

Damon Harding

Solving These Challenges and Bringing These Benefits.


  • A depressed economy often requires businesses to quickly reduce costs, while not impacting its ability to bounce back in the future.

  • Expensive skilled labour can be used for mundane tasks.

  • Remote working is making it hard for employees to do their tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • Service differentiation is vital due to client demands and competition.


  • Automation of repeated, manual tasks significantly reduces administrative time and cost.

  • It can reduce the limitations and effects of remote working – increasing output without compromising on quality.

  • It can ensure compliant service delivery where outcomes are heavily regulated. Reducing servicing costs.

  • And applied to new innovations it can avoid costly manual work-arounds as demand increases and legacy systems struggle to cope. Increasing scalability and sales.

Using our partner Triad’s proven ‘blueprint’, we re-engineer your processes and deploy suitable automation solutions where needed in your organisation:


High-volume, transactional work where we can take advantage of scale.

Highly Manual Tasks

Freeing up time for your workforce is the key priority.

Repeated Tasks

RPA excels at performing the same tasks over-and-over again.

Clear Business Rules

Solid grounding in business rules allows us to minimise exceptions.

Stable Systems

Stable underlying applications facilitate process automation.

Material Risk of Failure

Lower value candidates may be considered where the risk of human error may have serious compliance or safety implications.

Giving You

The right automation strategy

Aligning with and supporting the needs of the wider business, rather than automation for the sake of it.

A strong value proposition

Clearly articulating the benefits that they can bring to the business and the case for automation.

The right skill-sets

Being aware that these can change over time as a capability becomes more mature.

Meet Your Experienced Team Leaders

In partnership with


For 30 years Triad has been honing its expertise in technology-based business change.

They have deep understanding and experience in Intelligent Automation/RPA functions and know what makes a company, team or project a great fit to reap the rewards of Intelligent Automation.

Previous Success


Improving the delivery of commercial surveying services through office automation

  • A private sector commercial surveying company acting exclusively for the utility and infrastructure sector.

  • Costly manual interventions needed for managing geomatics, land referencing and site visits.

  • An inflexible bespoke IT system

  • A new system collaboratively developed with the client using Agile methods for the fast delivery of features

  • Effective remote working using Skype for Business for video calls.

  • Built on the Microsoft 365 cloud platform for flexibility

  • Using .NET, SQL Server and SharePoint with Flow and PowerApps for automation

  • Skills transfer and mentoring in the use of Microsoft Flow

  • Fully automated daily area booking processes using PowerApps and SharePoint workflows.

  • Notifications, reminders and staff allocation managed and tracked using PowerApps

  • Significantly improved customer satisfaction with automation and new process management tools


Re-engineering processes to better meet user needs and improve information access

  • An independent body overseeing elections and regulation of political finance

  • User experience for the website was not meeting expectations

  • Political funding searches were lower than expected and often incomplete

  • Information flows reviewed and analysed

  • Processes optimised for five distinct stakeholder groups

  • Measuring, monitoring and optimisation based on usage

  • Improved user experience and positive public feedback

  • Increased numbers of website visitors

  • Increased number of searches completed on political funding

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