Supporting Private Equity

DWG is the UK’s most experienced Digital Transformation consultancy, providing Private Equity firms with full investment cycle support. Services which provide clarity, unlock potential and accelerate performance through digital.

Our solutions look at the four critical areas of go-to-market, operations, technology and human capital, recognising digital is more than ‘the website’.

We deliver using three core principals: only do what is needed, achieve benefits quickly, and ensure progress happens in a planned and agile manner.

Transaction Advisory

Value Creation

Exit Preparation

Rapid Digital

A fast assessment of
an organisation’s
digital capabilities

This service provides a quick, top-level view of the organisation’s digital capabilities across critical business functions. Providing insight on its ability to meet its goals and achieve future success.

Useful as a tool to assist any bidding process or any scenario where fast/top-level insight on an organisation’s digital capabilities is required.

Outcomes are delivered within 5 working days via a ‘low touch’ approach.

Due Diligence

A full analysis of
likely success
from a digital context

This service outputs a complete picture of the organisation’s ability to meet its goals from a digital context and provides recommendations on the actions, resources and timescales required to achieve these goals. It is designed to work alongside other diligence providers as required.

Using comprehensive analysis and benchmarking techniques we fully expose strengths, opportunities and risks.

Outcomes are typically delivered in a 4 to 5 week period.


Quickly solving critical
business issues via
digital solutions

This service rapidly fixes an organisation’s business problems by the application of digital solutions.

Quickly putting out fires in trading, service support and working environments to improve sales, customer experience and productivity. While setting the foundations for the long-term.

We do this via rapid analysis, planning and delivery sprints to resolve issues fast with the emphasis on pragmatism and speed.


Comprehensively improving
an organisation’s value
through digital

This service helps organisations to develop effective digital capabilities across the business to enhance performance and value.

We create an appropriate strategy, build a roadmap to deliver the strategy, and support the business through a successful execution process by the use of controlled delivery sprints.

Enabling business-wide change where value is quickly and incrementally delivered through the lifespan of the programme.

digital positioning


Strengthening the
organisation’s digital
position at exit

This service increases the value of the organisation in the exit process by quickly improving its digital capabilities and vision.

Working to the exit timetable, we add value by helping the business create a credible digital vision, strategy and roadmap.

We then deliver priority activities that are achievable pre-exit to maximise the organisation’s value with any remaining parts of the strategy incorporated into the information memorandum to form part of the organisation’s digital vision.

Who we have helped

Allfunds hero image

End-to-end strategic planning for proposition, pricing, technology and organisation. Delivery of roadmap and investment planning to transform into a subscription-based business model.

iprism case study

Rapid evaluation of weaknesses in go-to-market, customer experience and operations. Production of a 12-month redress solution and investment plan.

flexglobal case study

Technical analysis, planning and execution to transform the portfolio company into a SaaS target operating model.

Meet our multinational team

The DWG team comprises more than 50 digital change experts skilled in analysis, planning and execution. A diverse and internationally experienced bunch. Here are just some of them:

Josh Whiten
Rikard Svendsen
Marjory Carrero
Damon Harding
Will Barribal
Marco Potesta
Simon Booth-Lucking
Dimitris Kourepis
David Ball
Pilar Guerrero


Compelling characteristics to deliver rapid and successful digital improvements.


Proven Digital
Change Expertise

All of our 50+ team members have 15+ years of senior digital change experience. From real-world, market-leading client and agency delivery backgrounds. Supported by an extensive ecosystem of associates and industry leading technology solution partners.


A Think + Do

Our strategy team of domain experts help clients to think through the right approaches for their needs. While our optimisation and delivery team can assist with successful execution.



We are laser-focused on delivering business benefits. With a mantra of producing value and change through delivery.



Using tried and tested methodologies to de-risk and deliver better outcomes.


Delivered in the
Right Spirit

A team of committed, collaborative, innovative and trusted practical experts.



Using our innovative business model we are able to offer clients industry-leading value.


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