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It’s a cliché but it’s true: change is constant in business. For companies enjoying rapid growth, or experiencing digital transformation, there are often too many new projects to deliver: all wanted at the same time, with the same set of limited resources – people, time and money. Where to start?

Smart people have lots of ideas, and it’s very easy to say yes until you realise that all your projects are potentially suffering. Are you experiencing this kind of ‘project gridlock’?

The portfolio management experts at Digital Works Group can help you to get your project portfolio under control – to ensure that you’re working on what will bring the most benefits.

We do this by working hand-in-hand with our clients every step of the way, delivered via a proven systematic framework:

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Our Typical Client

Our Portfolio Management service is for any client with too many projects and lacking a robust process for prioritisation and road mapping.

We have seen specific success in ecommerce, payments, online gaming, telecommunications and internet service providers.

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“Very quickly picked up the needs of our business and built a superb all-encompassing process to help us manage our projects and programme.”

Head of Product Management, Griffin

Our Proven Methodology Framework


Before even looking at the project list we need to identify whether the business has got clear objectives – strategic, measurable, aligned and understood


The prioritisation criteria and process will be fully tailored to the business need, culture and maturity level – whether very simple and people-based, or a more analytical scorecard-based approach – whatever is right for the client.


This is the interesting part – applying the agreed criteria to the current project roadmap, and acting on the results. This often means that some projects get re-prioritised or even stopped – in order to focus on the right ones.


The key to success is that this isn’t a one-off exercise, and that the Portfolio Management process becomes an integral part of ongoing decision-making. We will roll out and train in the agreed new practices, and hand them over to the client so they can stay on top of their project roadmap.

This framework is flexibly structured to allow clients to select the breadth and depth of the insight required, to meet their budget and needs.

The Benefits

  • Independent: A true, honest and transparent view of the value of projects, unhindered by any internal bias
  • Aligned: With a laser focus on your business’s objectives
  • Expertise: Gain the benefit of our accumulated experience of portfolio management in other companies
  • Sustained: A clear and communicated prioritisation process will lay foundations for future decision-making
  • People-Focused: Working with senior decision-makers and stakeholders to ensure that portfolio management is embedded in the business
  • Great Value: Our expertise and flexible pricing provides great value and a mutually beneficial partnership

Practice Leadership

Andrew Salmon
Andrew SalmonSenior Partner, Optimisation & Delivery
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