In Jan 2016, Pierre Nanterme, Chairman & CEO of Accenture asked his audience to “consider the fact that new digital business models are the principal reason why just over half of the names of companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000”.

This pace of change has accelerated and can no longer be ignored – every organisation’s survival is now dependent on getting digital transformation ‘right’. This is true for all sectors, and particularly so for the charity and not-for-profit sector, where each and every penny spent will directly, or indirectly impact its beneficiaries.

There is huge opportunity and value to be unlocked but knowing what to change and how to approach it is not easy. Perhaps you are in a situation where you are about to embark on a big digital transformation programme but are not quite sure where to start or how to initiate it? Or maybe you are struggling with defining what ‘digital’ is and what it means to your organisation specifically? How do you compare to others in your sector – are you ready? Do you have the right skills, resources and leadership in place? Is there a framework to help you structure change and make it smoother?

Possibly, if you are an NGO or charity, you are worried about the costs of digital transformation and that your budgets and resources are not comparable with your commercial counterparts – or organisations you have previously worked for?

The truth is there is a lot to learn, but you are not alone – many have started on their journey, and there is a huge benefit in sharing knowledge and experiences.

World Vision, one of the UK’s largest NGOs, started their own major digital journey in 2017 to ensure they are effective in their cause for the long-term. Importantly, they have brought together a new cross-functional team – The Digital Collective – and are now charting their experiences as they bravely navigate the challenges and share the successes.

So, if any of these questions resonate, then the new Digital Collective podcast is for you. Hot on the tails of the Charity Digital Code launch in November, DWG Partner, Damon Harding, talks to World Vision UK CIO, Martin Francis Campbell about their digital transformation journey and the process that led to his appointment as CIO earlier this year. In this episode, you can hear how Digital Works Group helped World Vision formulate their digital strategy and initiate a framework approach to manage change.

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