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Stay ahead with a well planned business transformation. We help you develop a clear and actionable strategy, and assist with successful execution.

“DWG re-energised us and gave us the structure and confidence we were missing. We are now building on the momentum and forging ahead with digital change across the organisation”

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“Clear direction on the changes needed in our digital capability and the core business model”

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Using our proven 4 step approach

digital education

Digital Education for all the team

digital education

Set the direction of your digital journey


Blueprints for every step

change framework

A framework to make things quicker and smoother

digital education for successful digital transformation
1. Digital Education

We help you and your teams understand the digital ‘big picture’

What is ‘digital’ and ‘digital transformation’ and why is it important to you?

The effects ‘digital’ is having on your market.

The effects ‘digital’ is having on your customers’ needs and their demands.

The effects ‘digital’ is having on your workplace and staff.

And other effects ‘digital’ may be having on your company and your competition.

digital evolution curve for successful digital transformation
2. Digital Evolution Curve

We ensure your business strategy gives you a clear and achievable direction of travel. Helping you create an exceptional ‘customer experience’. Weaving ‘digital’ and ‘innovation’ appropriately into your strategic plans.


No digital plans

Soon to be obsolete



Digital is integrated into marketing to create stronger propositions and multi-channel communications.
Driving Reach and Revenues



Digital is used throughout the business for better end-to-end customer experiences and cost-efficiencies.
Driving Profit


Industry Changing

Digital and data is used to fuel new type of creativity and innovation.

Driving Competitive Advantage

blueprints icon for successful digital transformation
3. Blueprints

We equip you with clear blueprints for change. Proven definitions of what needs to be done at each ‘stage’ and for each area of your business.

business model icon

Strategy & Business model

market model icon

Sales & Marketing

operational model icon


organisational model icon


technical model icon

Technology & Data

data model icon


change framework icon for successful digital transformation
4. Change Framework

We give you a tried and tested framework. Developing the proven capabilities and processes your business needs so you can avoid the common pitfalls and reap the benefits of digital.

change framework

All supported by our deep digital expertise, end-to-end services, and proven methods.

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