Successfully Transforming Your Business Through Digital

A rapidly changing business environment has shown that an organisation’s ‘digital maturity’ is now more important than ever to improve performance and grow value.

The Solution

Our end-to-end transformation service helps clients quickly and comprehensively improve their digital capabilities across the organisation. Delivering successful digital change in go-to-market approaches, trading environments, technology and data platforms, operational processes and human capital areas.

We do this by creating the right vision, strategy, and an achievable roadmap to deliver the strategy; providing support during the execution phase to produce fast and incremental value through the lifespan of the programme via controlled delivery sprints.

Growing sales and revenues, reducing the cost of operation, boosting competitive positioning and accelerating innovation.

Andrew Salmon,
Managing Partner

andrew salmon

Solving These Challenges and Bringing These Benefits


  • A lack of digital knowledge within the organisation and the role it can play in improving customer experience and business performance.

  • A business vision and strategy under pressure due to rapid changes in customer, competitive, regulatory and environmental conditions.
  • Digital transformation cynicism within the organisation due to past failures.
  • Slow organisational responsiveness and adaptability to changing market needs.
  • Falling sales and revenues due to rapid changes in trading environments.
  • Higher costs of operation due to inefficient processes and limited investments in automation.
  • Poor customer experience and falling NPS scores due to changes in environment conditions.
  • Technology and data platforms ill-suited to deliver enhanced relevancy and personalisation.
  • Low maturity of capabilities and practices within the organisation to make the change smoother and faster.
  • Concerns amongst existing teams about digital change and how it could negatively impact their roles.


  • A clear vision of what the business will look like in 3 years from a customer, employee and business perspective. Providing a ‘north star’ for everyone to work towards.
  • A business plan, strategy and delivery roadmap suitable to the organisation’s objectives and clear on the role of digital within.
  • Clarity on the approaches and capabilities needed within the organisation to make change smooth and faster.
  • A roadmap and delivery process that produces benefits quickly and incrementally to solve ‘digital transformation’ cynicism as needed.
  • Internal communications that bring the transformation programme to life and promote benefit rather than fear.

  • Organisational capabilities, processes and culture which enable faster creation and innovation. Improving responsiveness and adaptability.
  • Go-to-market and trading solutions that grow sales, revenues and improves ROI.
  • Customer service environments and other internal processes that lead to an increase in customer satisfaction, NPS scores and a lower cost of operation.
  • Technology and data environments are fit-for-purpose to enable better customer experiences and competitive positioning.

What We Do – Our Proven Transformation Approach

How it is Delivered

We deliver the transformation programme based on four core principals; comprehensively evaluate all dependencies, yet only do what is needed, achieve benefits quickly, and progress in a ‘planned and agile manner’. Delivered through 5 stages:

1. Initial Programme Governance & Delivery Plan

Governance is deployed to speed decision making and enable programme control.

An initial programme framework is created for all stages of the transformation – planning, execution and iteration – to ensure timescales are clear, benefits are delivered, and the transformation occurs at pace.

DWG strategy experts support this stage.

2. Education, Company Insight & Gap Analysis

‘Digital Education’ begins within the senior leadership team as needed to building knowledge and skills.

Company analysis creates a strategic fact-base across all core business functions, determining the areas current ‘digital maturity status’ and contribution to performance. Opportunities are identified where digital improvement can assist business goals.

Additional analysis also highlights the organisation’s capability to undertake change.

DWG strategy experts support this stage.

3. Creation of Transformational Plan & Roadmap

The analysis informs the development of transformational vision, strategy and plan, with a laser-focused objective to improve business performance via digital and other means.

We work with the senior leadership team to develop the organisation’s vision and transformational strategy. With close working practices between the senior team and DWG.

Digital improvement opportunities and change capabilities are subjected to a cost-to-benefit, time to deliver, and strategic importance analysis, using proven change blueprints for core areas.

Identified opportunities are aggregated within a financial model, to inform on the level, benefits and ROI of the full transformational investment and any affordability adjustments needed. Opportunities are then prioritised.

A transformational roadmap is created, supported by the right KPIs.

DWG strategy experts support this stage.

4. Integrated Delivery & Governance

The transformational roadmap guides the business change. With planning and change controlled and measured centrally to ensure all elements happen at the right time, and clear reporting informs all stakeholders of progress and success.

Delivery is conducted through agile sprints, the use of cross-functional working practices and organisational empowerment to deliver benefits quickly—growing success and momentum. Also growing ‘digital knowledge’ across the organisation.

All supported by clear and meaningful internal communications to reduce fears and enable buy-in across the full organisation.

DWG execution experts support this stage.

5. Measured, Iterated, Controlled & Communicated.

For all stages and streams, critical success KPIs are used to measure success and the need for iteration. Integrating adaptability into the approach to ensure agility to any changing conditions and business goals.

DWG execution experts support this stage.

Who Delivers – Meet Some of Our Digital Change Experts

DWG is the UK’s most experienced digital transformation consultancy. A team of 50+ senior digital change experts, diverse and international experienced, meet some of them:

Pilar Guerrero

Pilar Guerrero

Marco Potesta
Marco Potesta
Digital Trading
Damon Harding
Damon Harding
Customer Service & Operational Processes

“DWG enabled a rapid maturity of our digital capabilities in product, insight, marketing and organisation.”

christian aid
christian aid

“DWG re-energised us and gave us the structure and confidence we were missing. We are now building on the momentum they have created and forging ahead with digital change across the organisation.”

All Funds

“The DWG team was instrumental in developing a rapid transformation plan for the business, designing the strategy, closing critical gaps, and delivering monetisation opportunities which had a direct impact on the EBIT and the valuation multiple.”

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