As a group of highly experienced digital experts, we possess all the skills and knowledge you need to deliver your digital success.

Whatever you require from our Think, Execute and Grow range of services and capabilities.

End-to-end or Specific Needs

Our team is structured to provide the exact skills you need. Capable of assisting your end-to-end journey up the digital evolution curve, or just a specific skill to solve a particular pain-point.


Our Strategy, Leadership & Innovation team are experts in helping clients develop successful digital vision and strategies.

  • Digital education and mentorship

  • Company-wide or business line vision and strategies

  • Customer experience-led strategy development

  • Evolving customer-centric marketing strategies for multi-channel success
  • Shaping modern marketing operation models and agency relationships

  • Leading innovation processes for compelling advantage

  • Managing specific stages of digital evolution

  • Solutions to shape organisation and corporate structure

  • Investment funding and growth methods such as M&A

  • Or standalone help such as a digital audit or innovation workshops

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Execute & Grow

Our Optimisation & Delivery team are experts in helping clients successfully execute their digital strategy and grow.

  • Delivering product roadmaps and feature sets

  • Improving existing digital products or driving new digital asset development
  • Injecting new agile based creation processes

  • Helping with your architectural success in e-commerce, fintech and martech

  • Creating compelling customer experiences and propositions

  • Deploying digital analytics and moving to continuous improvement cycles

  • Optimising digital marketing for increased advocacy, acquisition, upsell and retention

  • Using and mentoring teams in social media, eCRM and other digital approaches

  • Supporting companies with low-risk international growth

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Think + Do

We are proud to be different to other consultancies and at the heart of this is our ‘think + do’ approach. We won’t just leave a nice power-point on your desk; we inject critical digital expertise to turn your needs into reality. All supported by the following attributes.

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Digital Special Forces

Each member of our digital special forces team boasts at least fifteen years’ senior digital experience. Allowing us to understand the complexities of digital, while choosing execution paths that minimise risk and maximising pace.

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Our Tribe Culture

We don’t operate in silos, and our team are experts in multiple disciplines. Allowing us to consider complex digital issues from all the right angles, while operating across organisation structures to align you with your customers. Our culture is collaborative, pragmatic, and flexible, bringing you the best results.

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Our Extensive Network

We have first-rate business networks and partners. Allowing us to rapidly open doors, while putting you in contact with the right expertise. Reducing uncertainty and accelerating growth.

Slide "They did a fantastic job of rallying the troops, against a sometimes
very challenging backdrop, and simply getting stuff done."
Head of Marketing, Kalixa Payments Group NEW DIGITAL PRODUCT INNOVATION
Slide “DWG enabled a rapid maturity of our digital capabilities in product,
insight, marketing and organisation.”
Sales & Marketing Director, Travelodge STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT
Slide "DWG turned around an immature and poorly performed sales function.
Delivering new sales quickly, while enhancing the foundations of our
approach, team, and systems.”

Enabling digital success for our clients

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