Organisational Transformation

Today’s digital environment is volatile, unpredictable and has no respect for tradition. Whilst digitisation can happen quickly, people and culture take time to adapt. Organisations must develop new capabilities, change mindset and evolve their culture fast. ‘Speed-to-value’ is what separates success from failure.

Our Solution

Our portfolio of services accelerates ‘speed-to-value’ for clients going through digital transformation.
We define new ways of working, help evolve a digital culture and enable teams to deliver results quickly and consistently.
Our approach is pragmatic and iterative, working with you to prioritise and resolve acute problems and develop the core capabilities for sustained success.

Solving these challenges and bringing these benefits:


  • Digitalisation is happening faster than cultural change
  • Organisations are too internally focused, unable to anticipate disruptions

  • Lack of entrepreneurship results in missed opportunities to improve and compete

  • Failing to execute on strategy, unable to get buy-in and instil a win-win attitude

  • Outdated leadership approach, frustrating employees and disappointing customers
  • Lack of cross-functional collaboration; negatively affecting customer experience, business results and employee motivation
  • Disjointed processes and latency to embrace automation increases bureaucracy and leads to inefficient use of resources
  • Generating reports without deriving useful insights or acting on data


  • Boosting organisational agility, increasing the capability to learn, adapt, optimise and perform faster than the market

  • Infusing an entrepreneurial mindset to drive constant innovation and high-performance

  • An organisational design that achieves internal alignment and accelerates execution
  • A human-centric mindset to lead virtual organisations and ecosystems, engaging customers and empowering the employees

  • Business alignment leveraging the ecosystem’s strengths; fostering customer-centricity, motivating employees and powering up business results

  • A holistic process approach, effectively deploying automation, boosting productivity and maximising resource monetisation

  • Data-driven decision-making and operations that focus on customer experience

What We Do

We conduct discovery, design and development in the key areas of leadership, culture and organisation.
We work in a ‘planned and agile manner’, unlocking benefits fast and embedding successful processes and behaviours into the organisation’s way of working. Using design thinking, we customise our approach to your priorities, budget and timelines.


  • Leaders personal profile assessment
  • Leaders network dynamics
  • Leaders profile & capabilities matrix & the alignment heatmap


  • Identifying & decoding key cultural elements
  • Discovering important perception gaps
  • Culture elements heatmap


  • Mapping the communication flow, decision-making & value creation
  • People assessment methods & KPIs
  • Stakeholder mapping & the accountability tree


  • Defining leadership capabilities & network dynamics for success
  • Gap analysis & prioritisation
  • Strategy to execute


  • Business strategy aligned to cultural elements & behaviours
  • Gap analysis & prioritisation
  • Strategy to execute


  • TOM aligned organisational design & capabilities
  • Gap analysis & prioritisation
  • Strategy to execute


  • Leader education boot camps
  • Building the personal compass
  • Coaching/mentoring


  • Culture boot camps
  • Cross-coaching, to embody the desired values & behaviours
  • Agile pulse & transparent progress


  • Programme planning (scope, KPIs, resources, governance, RACI, reporting)
  • Change management planning, activation & agile optimisation
  • Operationalising the process of constant & agile organisational transformation

Powerful Outcomes to Drive Change

Effective leaders and change catalysts. People-focused and well-aligned.

A customer-centric and purpose-driven culture, constantly learning and adapting to succeed.

An agile and aligned organisation that is entrepreneurial, data-driven and focused on customer experience.

A future-proofed and sustainable business that is constantly learning, innovating, adapting and executing fast.

Previous Success

Organisational transformation
Organisational Design

DWG worked closely with the VP – Customer Success, Retention & Loyalty, to get the team into the best possible shape to deliver their revenue growth strategy.

all funds
Organisational Design

“The DWG team was instrumental in developing a rapid transformation plan for the business, designing the strategy, closing critical gaps, and delivering monetisation opportunities which had a direct impact on the EBIT and the valuation multiple.”

Organisational Development

“DWG enabled a rapid maturity of our digital capabilities in product, insight, marketing and organisation.”

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