Create Exceptional Digital Trading Capabilities

Current conditions of restricted movement mean businesses need to have compelling direct-to-customer digital trading solutions.

Our solution

At the heart of your digital trading capabilities are your mobile and web assets. Our solution allows you to deliver the right products, to the right audience, with the experience to grow conversion and margin. Helping with these challenges and bringing these benefits.

Challenges you may be facing

  • Digital commerce continues to negatively impact the effectiveness of traditional sales teams

  • Disruptive and agile competitors are quickly creating engaging digital solutions to grow revenues
  • A quick turnaround to a direct trading model is a must-do
  • Prospering businesses are creating engaging web and mobile assets and investing in digital marketing and technology solutions

Benefits we can bring

  • More new customers can be reached to grow sales
  • Prospects can buy conveniently according to their preferences, growing sales
  • Optimised digital marketing leads to higher conversion and better ROI
  • Products, prices and information can be presented elegantly to improve conversion and margins
  • You deliver improved customer experience and advocacy

Marco Potesta
Senior Partner, Optimisation & Delivery

marco potesta

Our 3-Step Approach

De-risked and accelerated by this agile delivery approach, where priority developments are made first to provide benefit fast. And where customer experience drives the approach, optimising advocacy, scale and revenue.


  • Digital Transformation

  • Programme Leadership

  • Project Management


  • Create

  • Innovate

  • Build SW Applications

  • Digital Products

  • Data Platforms


  • Software Engineering

  • New Build

  • Code Re-factoring

  • CR & Audi

  • Cloud Migration

  • Security

A solution which gives you

Exceptional User Experience

For your services, goods and propositions. Growing sales today and tomorrow.


Built in, to work seamlessly with your acquisition marketing. To improve conversion and sales.

Market-leading Value

Via our UK and nearshore teams. Giving you best practice, low-cost development and support to your data and tech investment.

Best-in-Class Technologies

Reducing legacy, enabling strategic flexibility, while controlling costs.

Our clients

Previous success

Online customer services portal and mobile application

  • A major car manufacturer required the development of an online customer services portal and mobile application for their European customers.

  • To support and track vehicle repair and sell upgrades to courtesy car scheme.

  • Enhancing the customer experience, reducing operating costs, and enabling simpler upsell opportunities.

  • A specialist off site team was created to build a data platform and analytical engine to provide live information to customers, dealers, manufacturers and third party repair centres.

  • Mobile app for car damage reporting by the client.

  • Tracking car damage repair.

  • Web Platform for Call Centre.

  • Account for Service Advisor and other service users.

  • Workflows for cost approving.

  • Dealer management.

  • Car rental platform and much more.

  • Improvements in customer experience, operational efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Delivered in 6 months.

Digitised parking journey
client challenge

  • The aim was to completely digitise the ‘parking journey’ for customers.

  • To drive customer acquisition at scale to Yellow Line Parking.

  • Via a mobile app to allow drivers to see every parking option in London.

  • A dedicated team of 4x Senior Software Engineers (Android, iOS) plus a QA Test Engineer was deployed.

  • Using Java, Selenium, Google Services, GoogleMaps, Crashlitycs – to deliver an Android and iOS app.

  • Providing customers with all parking options in London – resident parking bays, pay-and-displays, single yellow lines, disabled parking, motorcycle and electric charging bays, car parks and even petrol stations and prices.

  • Guiding the user to a (parking) destination; as well as reminders of where their car is parked and a view of the surrounding area through Street View.

  • Delivered in 3 months

  • A 32% uplift in new customer acquisition.

airgap partners

Together DWG and Airgap are specialist providers, operating under common ownership. Allowing us to easily combine to deliver outstanding change and digital solutions for our clients.

We work to deliver the critical mobile, web and technology platform assets of the program.

An expert design and development house. With extensive domain expertise in ecommerce, online payments, click and collect, e-trading and e-serving – with our offshore centres all MS Gold Partners and AWS accredited. Delivering compelling and cost-effective solutions.

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