Responding to digital disruption is vital to business survival.

The world we live in is digital. More than half of the population now owns a smartphone, and almost two thirds a mobile. Your customers want to connect, communicate, buy, sell and be entertained digitally.

Smart business leaders have started to think about their digital transformation, but the reality is many are lagging behind and are not making the investments needed to remain competitive and grab hold of the opportunities that exist.


There are many reasons, but fundamentally it can be confusing and complex – understanding where your starting point is, the best approach to get going, and developing the leadership and organisational capabilities needed for success.

This on-demand webinar – Demystifying Digital Transformation – is an excellent place to start If you are struggling with your digital ambitions and will help provide a clearer understanding of:

  • The impact of digital disruption on all business
  • Why change is inevitable and cannot be ignored!
  • The benefits to your business of digital-led change
  • Recognising your starting point and where you are heading
  • Best practice approaches for change


The webinar features digital transformation expert Richard Morecroft, along with Robin Coles, Product & technology Lead at HSO and Paul Haslam, Transformation Director, Leyland SDM, who touches on Leyland’s personal experience of digital change

As always, our aim is to share some best practice and provide guidance and methods on the best way to approach business change.

We’d love to know what you think. Please leave a comment and tell us what you have found useful (or what you haven’t), or tell us about your own experiences.


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