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A core benefit of digital business is rapid growth via international sales. With the right electronic platform and services, combined with the appropriate go-to-market approach, barriers are reduced and revenues and capital value can rapidly be added to any digital business. Yet, expanding into new markets is also littered with risk if done incorrectly, resulting in wasted investment in the wrong markets, damaging operational issues, and high opportunity costs in time and money. We are all aware of famous ‘car crash’ cases as companies have attempted to go ‘international’.

Our New Territory Expansion service is designed to remove and mitigate risk of expanding into new markets, enabling successful international businesses. We do this by a combination of our expertise, experience, and contacts…structured into a systematic approach:

Our Typical Client

Our New Territory Expansion service is aimed at any business, big or small, who is looking to take their initial steps into expanding into new markets, both regional or international.

We have seen specific success for those who are engaged in ecommerce, payments, technical & data solution providers, and marketing services.

“DWG helped us position ourselves for our headquarters move to London, in terms of business development support and introductions to investors, making a smoother landing than we otherwise may have had.”

CEO, Gweek

Our Proven Methodology Framework

Market Insight

Research and modelling, identifying the markets with the best fit, for the quickest return on investment.

Market Planning

Driven by insight, developing the right approach to enter the market.

Market Testing

Via our business development resources and contacts, we can test the market and approach. Adapting as needed.

GTM Implementation

Implementing the go-to-market mix, sales, channel partnerships, online marketing and more…

Managing Success

The on-going growth of the territory and its various partnerships and accounts.

BAU Handover

Smoothly and effectively when it becomes prudent for you to hire internal resources.

Flexibly structured, allowing clients to select just those steps that match their specific needs and budgets.

The Benefits

  • Lower Investment & Risk: Risks associated with upfront investment (across personnel, outsourcing, offices, etc.) are avoided. Our New Territory Expansion service removes and mitigates risk through thorough research and testing – we prove the territory prior to your expansion investment
  • Quick Impact: Organic or internal growth usually takes significant time, potentially eroding the opportunity. Engaging with Digital Works Group, you have immediate access to a ready-made take-to-market engine boasting significant expertise, experience, contacts, and partner network. Return is fast, not months down the line
  • Success: A combination of our go-to-market talent and approach ensures exposure is lowered and your chance of success greatly heightened
  • Great Value: We firmly believe that our expertise, combined with realistic and flexible pricing leads to a great value and mutually beneficial partnership

Practice Leadership

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Andre SalmonSenior Partner, Optimisation & Delivery
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