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Getting the right technology platform for your digital ambitions is crucial.

new system choice

Our New System Choice Solution

In a highly competitive, shifting environment, you need to build the right end-to-end capabilities and systems to ensure competitiveness, the efficiency of operations, economic viability, while avoiding the plague of short term obsolescence.

Yet, in order to build that afresh or remove legacy environments, companies are often faced with a number of obstacles:

  • fragmented system and component choice
  • vendor complexity and opaque claims
  • undefined planning and evaluation criteria
  • economic constraints, or just plain stakeholder disagreements with no clear resolution path.
  • An increasingly common problem faced by transactional, subscription and marketing driven organisation’s, as they build their external facing systems (e.g. Marketing Technology, Billing and more) and internal capabilities (e.g. integrated HR).

Our New System Choice solution gives your the business a correct and objective-based decision, taking into account all the necessary considerations; from strategic, technical, commercial, economic and other criteria. Removing roadblocks and bringing certainty in the short and longer-term.

1. Task Clarity
2. Evaluation
3. Viable Systems
4. Insights/Analysis
5. Recommend

Our Proven New System Choice Methodology Framework

1. Task Clarity

Our first step is to get total clarity on what needs to be achieved and by when – a full understanding of the hard and soft requirements of the engagement.

2. Evaluation

We quickly build an evaluation framework covering core areas such as strategic fit, technical/data and commercial considerations. Populating each area with appropriate evaluation criteria, weighted in terms of importance. This framework is iterated through the various stages to ensure weighting and criteria are in line with all appropriate needs.

3. Viable Systems

As needed, we conduct top-level research into the market to identify suitable vendors and solutions given the needs of the task. Or we take the current candidates presented by the business, from their digital or technical teams.

4. Insights/Analysis

It is here the bulk of the time is given. Via interviews with vendors or internal personnel, or using desk-based research, every criterion is evaluated to build up the analysis of which system is right for the short and long-term needs of the business. Generating the right breadth and depth of insight to match the importance and pace of what is needed.

5. Recommend

Throughout the process, we work hard to ensure all appropriate stakeholders are continually informed of progress and initial findings. The output of the exercise if a populated evaluation matrix and a concise report delivering our recommendations for which system to choose. Highlighting the rationale and any further considerations. We help the team understand the rationale and make a firm decision.

Our Typical Client

Our New System Choice service is aimed at any business looking to build a future-proofed platform, yet facing the challenge of choosing the right individual systems and components. Whether Digital Asset Management, CRM, Content Management Systems, ERP, eCommerce and more.
We have seen specific success with New System Choice solution for financial services & fintech, ecommerce and retail, telecoms, charity & Not-For-Profit, digital agencies & B2B and many others.

The benefits

Clarity & Certainty

Our approach uses a holistic analysis, using a breadth of core evaluation criteria. This significantly reduces the chances of making the wrong new system choice decision for immediate and future needs.


Some tension is healthy, but deep tension is not. Not for the long-term health in and between teams. Our approach ensures the right collaboration and protects the business from this happening.

Great Value

It’s a critical decision, so we firmly believe our expertise, combined our proven approach, and realistic pricing leads to a great value and mutually beneficial partnership.


A systematic approach, conducted with certainty and expertise, drives out the rounds of emails and other unstructured analysis that companies often rely on. Removing friction, building inclusive decision making, speeding things up!


With the optional addition of our project team, we can provide a seamless hand-over into execution. Helping our clients bridge the gap between decision and reality.

kalixa payments

“The DWG team worked magic to successfully evaluate and then deploy our new CRM system. They fully appreciated the need for speed and ensured the right hand-over at the right time.”

Chief Operating Officer, Kalixa Payments Group


“As part of our technology transformation programme, we were faced with a choice on what CMS system to underpin our front-end Omni-channel ambitions. DWG came in and helped us make the right choice quickly, bringing the overall program back on track.”


Expert Insight

Steve Crawshaw

Chief Solutions Architect,
Technology strategy, architecture and infosec

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