New Digital Product Innovation

Gain advantage fast through effective digital product innovation.

Our New Digital Product Innovation Solution

Our solution is designed to give you a competitive edge using an optimised blend of insight, customer experience & UX, relevancy, growth and monetisation factors.

We control the development using our proven methods, combined with our deep black books of trusted suppliers. Allowing us to de-risk and optimise your budget effectiveness and ROI.

1. Product/Tech
2. Ideation
3. Concept/Prototype
4. Build/Test
5. GTM/Monetise

Our Proven Methodology Framework

1. Product/Tech

Out product and technology talent form a set of skills able to define and deliver the needs of market, customer, data, technology, and monetisation in an optimised manner. An overall methodology that is market, design, customer and data-driven.

2. Ideation

We focus on the innovation objectives, combined with the market and customers needs via relevant insight, technical and economic criteria. We then ideate using DWG’s controlled workshop/hot-house methodology. Resulting in a number of ideas ranked systematically.

3. Concept/Prototype

Ideas take shape using market insight combined with a customer experience. The definition covers all necessary elements of use-case and domain-led development. Resulting in core success criteria and measurement points. As needed, prototyping is used to gain initial feedback in market or enterprise.

4. Build/Test

Via development partners, using our product and technical blueprints. Delivered using an appropriate methodology to the task, but always measured, flexible, agile and fast-paced, with high-quality built-in.

5. GTM/Monetise

Roll-out and monetisation occur as per the GTM plan, with success criteria constantly measured to identify improvements or sun-setting. All the time our team mentors in-house teams for eventual hand-over.

The benefits

Top and Bottom Line

We promote a holistic development view as all parts are considered together. This means development is correct. So monetisation and customer experience are maximised. With core efficiencies, automation, and adaptability built-in. As well as ensuring innovation and future-proofing.


Engaging with clarity on the right activities, undertaken in the right order, by the right people…this adds control, removes rework, and adds pace.

Lower Risk

To time, budget, and effectiveness. Comprehensive definition using all core success criteria, combined with measurement and agile delivery increase chances of success.

Great Value

Our expertise, proven approach, and realistic pricing leads to a great value and mutually beneficial partnership.

Our Typical Client

Our solution helps businesses looking to gain advantage through new digital product innovation, but can also be used for smaller, entrepreneurial organisations needs.

We have seen specific success for with this solution in: ecommerce and retail, financial services and fintech, telecoms and many other sectors.

“I have worked with DWG a number of times now and I know if I need someone who will work to understand the customer and business needs swiftly, they will provide this.”

kalixa payments

“I was really impressed with DWG whilst working with them on the Kalixa Pro project.”

Expert Insight

Enrique Fernandez-Pino

Senior Partner,
Optimisation & Delivery

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