Media Spend Analysis

A lot of brands don’t have full visibility of their Digital Programmatic Ad spend

The key question to ask is how much of every £1 you spend is actually spent on media and how much is taken as margin? Margin taken by third-party companies in the campaign process does not always add value to the campaign and there are often great savings to be made.

Our solution

We will analyse every £1 of your digital advertising spend and see where it goes through the media buying supply chain, determining what is beneficial and what is taken unnecessarily by third parties.

Our Media Spend Analysis service not only brings you clarity on where your digital advertising spend goes, it can also unlock opportunities to enable savings of up to 40%. Using our industry expertise we can make your third-party delivery network more efficient and/or help you bring elements in-house, significantly improving your ROI, or to reduce costs.


  • Limited visibility of every £1 spent on media

  • Margin taking companies passing on campaigns without adding value

  • Poor customer targeting due to campaigns being filtered through old or inaccurate data filters

  • Overall lack of control of advertising spend with third parties

  • Inability to form partnerships with best performing media

  • Insufficient reporting and frequency

  • Complex flow of advertising campaigns that does not maximise the process

  • Inconsistent marketing messaging from poorly designed advertising creative


  • Immediate improvement in campaign performance and/or reduced ad spend

  • Increased direct access and control of purchasing media

  • Privacy of media spend, stats and results as more is kept in-house

  • Competitive advantage in the marketplace

  • Improved budget control by employees who control the spend and media selection

  • Quicker changes to campaigns on a 24/7 basis

  • Ability to set marketing objectives/ forecasts, based on a clear targeting roadmap

  • Reduced campaign launch times due to not having to wait in a queue

Richard Embrey
Senior Consultant, Marketing Optimisation

What we do

We adopt a 3-stage rapid program to:

  1. Discover – which media owners actually deliver your campaigns and how are they accessed
  2. Design – we look at how we can design a better campaign delivery process
  3. Deliver – we facilitate the delivery of changes needed to make your campaigns more efficient

Using our extensive industry knowledge, experience and market options, we design and implement improvements into your digital advertising approach to bring significant cost benefits:

‘As is’ Evaluation

A detailed assessment of your campaigns is conducted:

  • We evaluate your existing advertising media buying touch points

  • We identify and assess the buying platforms being used for your campaigns

  • We identify and analyse the media owners and companies that you give money to when you run campaigns

Pricing Strategy

The pricing of media is analytically assessed by determining and comparing to market prices available elsewhere.

We take a ‘test & learn’ approach to pricing your campaigns to let you take a tighter control of your budget. 

Buying Capability

We increase the direct access to media owners, allowing you to buy more of the best performing media direct from its source, for cheaper rates.

We give you complete visibility and transparency of all your campaigns and associated data.

Go-To-Market Strategy

We create a Go-To-Market plan and roadmap for a successful launch, including the operational requirements, possible risks and key activities and milestones.

Emphasis is placed on helping to align all of the business functions to work collaboratively towards the same goals.

How we deliver it

We deliver our service using these core principles:

  • We work collaboratively with all stakeholders to evaluate all systems and processes

  • We only do what is needed to achieve benefits quickly

  • We progress in a ‘planned and agile manner’ and keep an eye on the future

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