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M&A Strategy and Target

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Today, pace is vital. High speed business adaptation to market environments that are changing rapidly and dramatically. Changes wrought by digital disruption and convergence, impacting businesses at market, customer, product, organisational, innovation and technical levels. And because of this, M&A strategy is now an ever critical strategic choice to meet the necessary pace… but it must be done well.

The highly experienced Digital Works Group strategy team can help businesses plan and identify suitable M&A strategy and targets to meet their aims. We do this by getting to know our clients intimately and working hand-in-hand with them every step of the way. Delivered via a proven systematic framework, supported by clear program management to ensure a comprehensive yet fast paced solution, while ensuring handover to in-house teams or our recommended partners are conducted smoothly and elegantly.

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Our Typical Client

Our M&A Strategy and Target service client is any business, big or small, domestic or international, that is looking to use M&A strategy as part of its overall strategic activities to enable fast-paced growth or circumvent weaknesses or impacts at pace.

We have seen specific success in payments, agencies, telecommunications, and technical & data solution providers.

“Clear expertise in M&A insight and analysis, DWG provided us with a clear ‘fit’ of suitable targets to our strategic needs and business capabilities –enabling us to make a very informed decision. All delivered through a systematic, yet flexible and inclusive approach.”

CEO, Kalixa Payments Group

Our Proven Methodology Framework


Full clarity on the primary objective and strategy of the business; fit and objective of the M&A route. Understanding core culture, capabilities, and affordability criteria. Creating a full program plan including RACI.


Developing a weighted, ‘success’ criteria framework (strategic, corporate, commercial, financial, cultural). Identifying potential contenders and undertaking suitable insight activity for each against the criteria.


Pouring the insight into the success criteria framework. Analysing each contender to produce a map of suitability, feasibility and acceptability.


Making core recommendations for next stage deep-dive due-diligence. Assisting with stakeholder management and recommendation presentations.


Working with our experts teams for deeper diligence in proposition, platform and organisation; handing over to expert internal or external teams for financial forensic due-diligence.

This framework is flexibly structured to allow clients to select the breadth and depth of the insight required, to meet their budget and needs.

The Benefits

  • Certainty: Driven though market and deep dive contender insight, matched to core success criteria on fit and affordability, provides for a greater upfront certainty of success
  • Buy-in: Collaborating and communicating at every stage to ensure the client develops the M&A approach which precisely meets their needs. We facilitate and add appropriate thinking, leg-work, knowledge, and methodology. With elegant hand-overs to expert forensic due-diligence teams
  • Controlled: Delivered through a proven framework, where time and cost are controlled by a stringent program management approach
  • Execution assistance: As needed. From our stakeholder management capabilities or our expert partners
  • Great Value: Our expertise and flexible pricing provides great value and a mutually beneficial partnership

Practice Leadership

Richard Morecroft
Richard MorecroftSenior Partner, Strategy, Leadership & Innovation
For more information please contact Richard Morecroft