It feels as if the World is in the grip of momentous digitisation: cloud, social, mobile, big data, Internet of Things. It is sweeping through every industry, creating opportunity through its phenomenal growth, but bringing challenges because of the pace and complexity of the change.

It is this digital opportunity and the change needed to embrace it, which is leading to the widespread use of the term ‘digital transformation’.

But what do most business leaders really want to know? What does it fundamentally mean for their business? Do they really need to take action now? And if so, what type of action?

So for many businesses, ‘digital transformation’ is resulting in many questions:

  • Do we have a clear understanding of how our business compares to digital best practice
  • Who should be leading the change within our organisation?
  • What do we need to do to product innovate and remain competitive?
  • How does our go-to-market approach need to change?
  • Is our technology platform suitable?
  • Do we have the talent within the business to be digitally competitive?
  • How do we control the change?
  • What are the financial implications of this?

Perhaps you feel this within your organisation?  If so, please read on…

PSD, a leading executive and management recruitment business, are hosting a breakfast meeting at their Queens St. head office for c.16 decision makers who want to understand how to approach digital transformation in their organisations. The breakfast is open to executives from all sectors who are facing the challenges associated with transforming their business models to maximise the impact and opportunities that digital offers.

What is the benefit of coming to the breakfast?

  • An overview of the digital market and its phenomenal rise. The opportunities and challenges.
  • How to approach digital transformation and some of the questions that leaders need to ask themselves.
  • An understanding of the complex challenges business’ face in the ‘micro and macro’ view of digital transformation.
  • An appreciation of how other industries and sectors are approaching digital transformation.
  • An opportunity to meet other leaders and discus their experiences of embracing digital.
  • Ultimately, to get some insight and perhaps some answers.

Who is this session suitable for?

Any executive or decision maker who is responsible for or influencing digital transformation in their business.

Digital Works Consulting (DWC) will be attending as guest speakers. For those who don’t know us we are a specialist consultancy focused on digital transformation working with both mature and high growth businesses affected by the pace and complexity of digital and behavioural change. Our clients include Mastercard, Royal Mail, Ooredoo, Virgin Media, EBay, PayPal, Kalixa and Jaguar LandRover.

Interested in attending? You can register your interest via

Or simply contact Sarah Lawrence on +44 20 7970 9605

Chris Eldridge  Managing Director, PSD

Chris Eldridge
Managing Director, PSD

Guest speaker Andrew Salmon   Director, High Growth Digital | DWC

Guest speaker
Andrew Salmon
Director, High Growth Digital, DWC

Guest speaker Richard Morecroft   Director, Digital Transformation, DWC

Guest speaker
Richard Morecroft
Director, Digital Transformation, DWC

Guest speaker
Jarrod Frye
Senior Consultant, Business Acceleration, DWC