Kevin Allfrey

Marketing Optimisation

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Kevin Allfrey

Kevin Allfrey is a true digital native with over 25 years of real, hands-on digital experience helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to transform and optimise. With more than 15 years client-side and nearly 10 years as a consultant, he understands the complex digital challenges facing his clients – helping you fast-track your results and avoid the pain.

As a project delivery specialist, experienced leader and straight-talking communicator, Kevin brings no-nonsense commercial advantage and a solid track record across end-to-end marketing transformation.

Here is a short summary of the things Kevin can support you with:

  • Digital channel marketing management for both acquisition and eCRM
  • Building a data-driven digital marketing function
  • Recruiting, developing and leading digital marketing teams
  • Website and digital platform development
  • CRO and UX enhancement
  • Agency management and selection
  • Digital marketing platform selection and management
  • Development of digitally focussed marketing processes and models

Kevin employs an agile approach and has worked in fast-moving organisations across multiple sectors in both the UK and Europe. He is equally experienced working at a strategic level or taking a more ‘hands-on’ role – with his clients often asking him to stay to deliver the strategies he has been instrumental in developing.

Above all else, Kevin has a relentless focus on delivery for his clients and enhancing your digital capabilities. He is obsessive about business performance and is a big advocate for developing the right mindset, skills and culture needed to transform the organisations he works with.

Key achievements include:

  • Digital marketing leader on the development and launch of the UK’s first “open” internet banking service in 1998

  • Turbo boosted the digital acquisition performance of a B2B SaaS business
  • Grew the digital function within the UK’s largest independent credit card issuer to become the largest channel for both account servicing and acquisition
  • Led the creation and adoption of digital marketing tools, platforms and data standards across Europe for a global energy group
  • Led a cross-functional team to successfully deliver a new brand, customer experience and digital platform for the Nordics largest loan broker
  • Digital leader for the launch of a new online-only bank in the UK delivering £100m of savings deposits within 3 months
  • Digital leader for the launch of a new online-only bank in the UK delivering £100m of savings deposits within 3 months
  • Defined, developed and optimised a multi-channel digital transformation strategy targeting high net worth individuals for a privately owned UK bank

Some of Kevins’ clients & experience:

Kevin knows how to push topics to a delivery that exceeds the agreed objectives. He does so by strong personal skills in combination with a deep knowledge in the areas of digital transformation & digital marketing.

Daniel Steinberg, Head of Digital Business Transformation & Data, E.On GmbH