Exceptional people are at the heart of DWG

Become part of an ambitious and growing consultancy of like-minded digital experts…

Practical digital experts, with proven experience and skills. With a strong track record of helping clients solve their thorny digital challenges.

If you are a great digital consultant or interim, fed-up of being a lone wolf or simply looking to join a consultancy where deep digital expertise, a ‘think & do’ approach, fairness, knowledge share and collaboration are part of its DNA, we’d love to have a chat about joining our pack and sharing in its benefits.

Why join DWG?

Collaborate and find strength in numbers…

Access to our Proven methods

Proven approaches for successful business in our digital world. Multiple methods across all our practices. Tried and tested, they help you win and conduct successful business.

Collaboration & support

It can be lonely on your own. Become part of an experienced collaborative team that offers support, advice, council and coaching internally.


Work with other digital ‘special forces’ people, with broad sector, functional and technical expertise for stronger propositions. Helping you out of sticky situations when you are looking to win and deliver work.

Making your life easier…

Collaborate and find strength in numbers…

Legal | Finance | Insurance

Don’t stress. Our low cost of engagement covers indemnity insurance, invoicing and payment processes, accounting returns, and all the legal agreements/templates you need.

IR35 Safe

Via our inherent substitutability, corporate structure, and delivery of ‘outcome focused’ solutions and skills. Applicable for new and existing projects.


Financial, technical, communication, marketing and collaboration systems are all in place. Allowing us to be efficient and effective. All covered by our low cost of engagement.


Individual and group marketing support, allowing you to boost your business development reach, while taking up the strain and keeping your time focused on earning. All covered by our low cost of engagement.

The multiplier effect

Take advantage of our fair, flat, low-costs of involvement

Take advantage of our tax efficient financial strategies so you keep more of your hard-earned revenue; combined with fair, flat, low-costs of involvement.

Hunt as a pack to solve Feast and Famine

Work as part of a team where everyone is motivated to keep you off the bench. With additional help through our collective networks, channel partners and marketing services.

Become an owner of a saleable business

Everyone in our core team is a part owner of DWG. Our mission is exit and wealth creation for everyone in the business.

Lower administrative costs + group buying

Scale lowers costs in marketing, systems, finance, legal, insurance and more.

More monetisation opportunities

Internally or externally, via our commission structure and revenue share agreements with multiple partners. Offering proven methods for upsell.

Raise your daily rates

Scaling on your own is hard. Benefit from being part of a bigger more unified brand to increase you day-rates.

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