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A few weeks ago I attended the annual Army Vs Navy rugby match at Twickenham. Years previous it had always been a great weekend, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I was having conversations with friends I hadn’t seen for 20 years, but it felt like it was only 20 minutes.

Now you may be thinking the British Armed Forces are a bastion of camaraderie and friendship and you’d be right, but this doesn’t explain it all. It’s more than just friendship and banter; I would willingly help and support any of them in their careers without question because I trust them. I can rely on them and often reach out for their advice and support. And that’s the point, they aren’t just friends or former colleagues, they are a trusted network.

Lots of us maintain a vast ‘network’ of contacts, friends and associates in order to support our careers, but how many would you trust?

The really valuable network for your business is the one you trust. You trust them to deliver on their promise and trust them to say no if they can’t do it. You must be able to rely on them to achieve their goal.

Admittedly this isn’t always possible, you may not have worked with them before, but this is where trusting someone’s reputation is important.

The British Armed Forces Network is huge and unique (membership is very exclusive), but they have a reputation for getting the job done. This comes from repeatedly delivering on a promise.

Here at DWG, we have a similar ethos.

We know this because our clients tell us and then recommend us to others. And our promise to our clients? You get trusted digital experts who build long-term partnerships that flex to your needs.

We actively promote this joined up thinking and have conviction in our work…..we don’t dress in military uniform, but we always hit the target!

If you would like to find out more about us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Richard Morecroft

Richard Morecroft

Senior Partner, Strategy & Leadership at Digital Works Group
Richard is a digital transformation expert with over 25 years experience delivering successful digital transformation, innovation and change in corporate and new venture environments.
Richard Morecroft
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