Iqbal Singh

Programme & Project Manager,
Transformation & Innovation

Technical Skills
  • Full life cycle project and programme management
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation
  • Change management
  • Technology change projects
  • Cloud migration
Industry Specialisms
  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Health & Pharma
  • Public, charity & not-for-profit
  • Education
Iqbal Singh

Iqbal Singh is an innovative, versatile and results-orientated programme, project and delivery manager with 20+ years spent delivering business, digital and IT transformation improvements.

He has driven innovation, cost reduction and process improvements for clients across a diverse range of sectors, including local government, housing, insurance, NHS, pharma, and IT service providers.

Iqbal is an effective leader who leverages a positive, collaborative approach to gathering requirements and pinpointing opportunities for improvements.

He has delivered solutions that have advanced ways of working, increased service delivery efficiencies, raised customer engagement and upgraded decision-making processes – resulting in service enhancements of up to 30%, reduced costs of £1m+ and paving the way for significant increases in customer satisfaction and future sales potentials.

Iqbal strongly believes that working together, encouraging input from all, sharing and cultivating ideas and trust will bring out the best in your team and is at the centre of any successful improvement initiative.

Key achievements include:

  • Delivered a portfolio of digital and mobile transformation projects enabling service, process and ways of working improvements, better customer engagement, and cost savings of £1m+ for Croydon Council.
  • Led the design and setup of improved customer support processes to enable successful delivery of a digital IT services solution for L&Q Housing.
  • Led the migration and transformation of  40 business-critical applications (within 6 months) and 90 Citrix packaged applications (within 4 months) to Azure cloud solutions for Croydon Council.
  • Led a review of multiple AI solutions with solution options on service improvements of 25% and major cost savings across 20 business functions for London Metropolitan University.
  • Led the integration, migration and transformation of IT services and solutions of acquired Pentax Camera (incl. CRM/ERP) from sites in Germany, Denmark and France for Ricoh Europe.
  • Led the integration, migration and transformation of 1st SAP solution (5 complex systems across 55 servers) to be hosted by Ricoh Europe.
  • Led the scoping of IT services and solutions for the 2012 London Olympics with solution and procurement.

Iqbal can help you to:

  • Mobilise business, digital and IT transformation initiatives through innovation, change and improvement approaches and activities.
  • Scale up your operations to match your ambition and opportunity.
  • Create competitive advantage via a pipeline of continuous improvement and streamlined operations, services and functions.
  • Improve programme and project delivery services, strategies, approaches, governance, processes and use of solutions and tools.
  • Ensure employees and customers are at the heart of your business, digital, and IT change initiatives.

Some of Iqbal’s clients & experience:

Iqbal specialises in:

  • Leading business, digital and IT transformation, improvement, innovation and change delivery services across the full life cycle.
  • Enhancing ways of working, operational processes and resource efficiencies via the use of the right technology solutions.
  • Integration of IT services and solutions from acquired companies.
  • Migrating applications, solutions and data to the cloud.
  • Solutions identification, design, procurement, including tenders.
  • Designing and delivering efficient, lean, smart, flexible AI, cloud, digital, mobile, RPA and web solutions.