Our Internationalisation service helps organisations quickly and efficiently expand their operations and enter the UK and Europe. With access to proven and flexible business development experts, we help you establish if this is the right move and can get your UK head office and operations rapidly up and running!

Our solution

We are all aware of famous ‘car crash cases’ as companies attempted to go ‘international’. New international markets and operations can be an attractive source of growth and revenues for your products and services. But it can be littered with risks, leading to significant levels of wasted investment.

Our Internationalisation service mitigates these risks, providing proven experts in the region who can enable successful international businesses. Proof-pointing your strategic direction before significant investment is made. Once tested, they can help you establish successful local operations to scale and accelerate via a combination of capability, experience, contacts, and a structured, systematic approach.

Jarrod Frye
Major Account Director

Jarrod Frye

Solving these challenges

  • Limited understanding of regional market conditions and regulations can impact investment, time, and potential fines.
  • Lack of pre-existing network and contacts resulting in slower acceleration of revenues and return-on-investment.
  • Nuances of language and culture can impact marketing and communications, making them less successful and lower returns.
  • Knowledge of compelling partnership opportunities that could quickly assist your go-to-market acceleration and strengthen customer propositions.
  • Getting insights into the existing competitor landscape, offerings and pricing. Helping to inform compelling positioning and critical got-to-market success factors.
  • Developing knowledge of operating conditions, including accounting regulations, to meet local needs.

Bringing these benefits

  • Lower upfront investment and risks: across personnel, outsourcing, offices, and elsewhere. We remove and mitigate this through our knowledge and expertise, augmented with research and testing. Proving the territory opportunity before significant investment.
  • Quick Impact: engaging with us gives you immediate access to a ready-made take-to-market engine. Return is fast, not months down the line.

  • Relevant networks and contacts: our team has significant expertise, experience and connections allowing us to help establish successful business and partnerships as needed quickly.
  • Immediate access to the right skills and abilities: provide you with the expertise you need in sales, marketing, operations and compliance. With a diverse team, often able to converse in the native language of our clients.
  • Fair and transparent costs to test the market: we firmly believe that our expertise, combined with realistic and flexible pricing, leads to a strong partnership.

What we do

Our approach spans all areas of sales, business development, account management, marketing and operations. A proven and comprehensive blueprint that identifies the activities needed to ‘proof-point’ the market and then accelerate the successful establishment of your UK head office and operations:

Planning the Approach

For a business to have an impact and grow in a new region, it is critical to have a well defined and insight-driven strategy. Not just covering the initial ‘test phase’, but what success would look like for the future.

Our first step is to work with you to define this quickly and succinctly while outputting a measurable and practical roadmap to achieve success.

A plan covers positioning, target sectors, go-to-market, operations, compliance and resourcing.

Target Customer and Product Review
Clarity on the ideal target markets for your products and solutions to ensure a clear understanding of customer needs, solution benefits and points of differentiation. Informing the sales and marketing approach.

A fast-paced competitor review is conducted to identify further points of differentiation and any change needed for the region (such as in pricing).

Regulatory review of products and services happens to ensure market compliance.

Sales and Marketing Collateral Review
A review of existing sales and marketing collateral ensures the right changes are made, including the relevancy of the message for the new territory.

Our team can make changes, or we can work with your internal marketing department or agencies as needed. Giving you a compelling set of messages to support any effective sales and marketing approach.

New Target Client Sales Plan
Relevant sales lists are quickly generated based on agreed target markets, prioritised using dimensions of fit to products and solutions, size, known needs and requirements, and critically, if senior decision-makers are known to the DWG team.

High priority targets are serviced through our business development team. The DWG marketing capability nurtures lower priority targets. Ensuring sales happen at pace, revenues grow, and territory expansion is proven.

Account Management and Development
We can also review your existing accounts to identify those regionally relevant for development. Providing low-hanging fruit opportunities.

As new sales efforts pay dividends, we can take care of your account management needs until you have an established regional team in place—opening, expanding and protecting income from existing customers.

Partnership Development
We can construct and deliver a partnership plan in parallel to the sales and account management efforts.

Identifying opportunities to work with relevant and compelling partner companies to accelerate success further. Bringing benefits in sales, propositional fit for customers, and joint marketing collaboration. Growing revenues and producing a compelling return-on-investment.

Marketing Support
Our marketing team and partners support the development of the market by delivering compelling and budget-friendly campaigns as needed.

Versed in traditional and digital marketing approaches (e.g. email marketing, social support), we create the perfect mix to support the sales and account management efforts.

Ensuring heightened brand awareness, effective positioning, and new leads are created to augment the business development efforts.

Measurement and Reporting
We combine the critical success factors identified during planning and the sales and marketing insights in your *CRM for total clarity on the progress and success of the approach. Highlighting areas for adjustment to maximise opportunities or minimise risks.

At all stages, senior decision-makers are in the loop via regular updates and reporting.

*The DWG team is proficient across most CRM systems and sales processing tools such as SalesForce, HubSpot, Capsule, Pipedrive.

Operations/Resource Planning and Handover
Following a successful new territory expansion ‘test phase’, we can get going on the operational and resources planning to create a clear plan for head office presence and the continued development of the territory.

Our team can support this process with insights and expertise as required, and once ready, provide a seamless handover to your new territory team.

How it’s delivered

We deliver the transformation programme based on four core principles; comprehensively evaluate all dependencies, only do what is needed, achieve benefits quickly, and progress in a planned and agile manner. Delivered through 5 stages:

1. Market Insight & Planning

  • Research identifies the sectors with the best fit for your products and solutions, for the quickest return on investment.
  • A competitor review happens to help identify compelling positioning, pricing, and other commercial needs.
  • Driven by this insight, we develop the right approach to enter and expand within the market. Based on our deep experience of Go-to-Market activity across the team.
  • We identify the critical success factors used to define, measure and report on success.
  • The practical proposition, pricing, sales, account management, marketing and partnership plans are developed.

2. Market Readiness

  • We review your products and solutions from both a market and regulatory compliance lens. Identifying gaps for resolution.
  • We review your sales and marketing materials and campaigns to ensure adaptations happen to boost their effectiveness for the region.
  • We will work with you to ensure you have the right team, internally or externally, partners or collaborators, to ensure success.

3. Go-to-Market Implementation

  • We begin to open up sales opportunities, adapting to find the best route to close deals.
  • Account expansion happens, and partnerships are formed.
  • Marketing begins, publishing relevant content to see where the traction is—actively engaging social media for comment, insight and discussion—defining and creating a local brand that will bring in-bound leads. Iterating activities to ensure go-to-market activities are a success.
  • Using feedback to adapt product definitions/alterations to best meet customer needs. The ongoing growth of the territory and its various partnerships and accounts happens.

4. Measuring & Managing Success

  • Reporting against the critical success factors established in step 1, all stakeholders remain regularly informed with clear insights from CRM and other systems.
  • We track relevant data from you and your marketplace to give feedback on and learn how to expedite your growth.

5. UK Head-Office Business-As-Usual Handover

  • Once established, operational and resourcing plans are conducted to create the UK Head Office and regional team. A complete and seamless hand-over happens when it becomes prudent for you to hire internal resources.
  • Our team remains on hand to offer as much or as little support as needed.
  • Refine approach for 2nd generation VOC rollout. Establish an ongoing operating rhythm for continuous improvement leveraging VOC insights.
  • Monitor results and effectiveness over time, using appropriate KPIs aligned to clear, measurable customer outcomes.

Our clients

Flexible Business Development, Scale-up, Martech

“DWG has been instrumental in planning the scaling and financing of our business. In this, they have been as helpful and as accommodating as I could have wished.”

Flexible Business Development, Technology Scale-up

“DWG helped us in terms of business development support and introductions to investors.”

Meet some of our team

DWG is a highly skilled business transformation and innovation consultancy. A team of 50+ digital change experts, internationally experienced. Here are some of them:

Jarrod Frye
Head of Business Development
pilar guerrero
Pilar Guerrero
Marketing Strategy & Planning Expert
Paul Lawrence
Paul Lawrence
Digital Marketing Expert
Eram Osman
Eram Osman
Email Marketing Expert

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