“DWG turned around an immature and poorly performing sales function. Delivering new sales quickly, while enhancing the foundations of our approach, team, and systems”

CEO, Kalixa Payments Group

Interim Commercial Management

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Kalixa Payments Group is a next-generation Fintech business. Dedicated to transforming the payments industry globally by combining fresh thinking innovation with experienced financial acumen. They offer integrated solutions spanning Global Omni Channel Gateway, Wallet Services & Issuing and European Acquiring.


Their challenge

After successfully securing growth investment, the CEO of Kalixa was tasked with rapidly maturing their small 2-person sales function, to grow expected revenues fast. They selected DWG to do this because of our expertise, experience and strength of our network.



Our approach

We instigated a five-step action plan to rapidly mature their sales function:

  • Adjusting the articulation of their proposition to be customer needs based rather than technology driven.
  • Applying a rapid target market and sector planning exercise, matching their propositions to market opportunity and levering our network to open doors fast.
  • The development of an effective channel partner program.
  • Managed the organisational planning and hiring of the long-term sales team.
  • Supported by the implementation of core CRM systems for insight and control.



Within an intensive five months the Kalixa sales team:

  • The sales team had grown from 2 to eight.
  • They were supported by effective and well-articulated sales and marketing materials.
  • Were operating from a professional sales platform, augmented by a successful partnerships program.
  • Had generated prospects in major retailers, travel and gaming companies.

“A flexible and inclusive approach, all delivered on time and to budget, made for a great experience.”

CEO, Kalixa Payments Group

Delivery Team: Optimisation & Delivery

Andrew Salmon - lead support provided for Interim Commercial Management

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